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Experience the unmatched versatility of our Mine Site Low Loader Trailers, where customization meets precision for site-specific requirements. These trailers can be tailored to your exact needs, including a wide range of towing vehicle options, ensuring seamless integration into your mining operations. Whether you prefer hydraulic suspension configurations in 3X8, 4X8, or 5X8 tyre setups, or opt for walking beam suspension in 2X4, 2X8, or 4X8 configurations, we offer solutions that adapt to your unique demands.

Designed and meticulously manufactured in Australia, these trailers uphold the highest standards of quality, utilizing top-tier materials and workmanship to withstand the rigors of the most demanding tasks in the mining industry. When you choose our Mine Site Low Loader Trailers, you’re not just selecting equipment; you’re making an investment in reliability and performance. Count on our unwavering product support and a readily available supply of spare parts to keep your operations running smoothly. Elevate your mining transport capabilities today and explore how our Mine Site Low Loader Trailers can be customized to perfectly align with your specific requirements, ensuring optimal efficiency and safety on-site.


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Standard features

  • Heavy Duty High Tensile Frame
  • Stainless Steel hydraulic tubing
  • Stainless steel pneumatic tubing where possible
  • LED lighting
  • Access ladders and hand railings both sides
  • Self-draining dump valves in air tanks
  • Grit blasted and painted in 2 pak

Auxiliary and optional equipment

  • Various Axle options
  • Wet disc Brake options including retardation and cooling
  • Length and width optional
  • Hydraulic loading ramps
  • Remote controlled ramp operations
  • Remote controlled raise lower hydraulic suspension
  • Diesel hydraulic power pack
  • Hydraulic burst protection valves on ramps
  • Fire suppression system
  • Guide rail on coaming
  • Leading Brand Automatic greasing system

Drake Group

Heavy Duty
High Tensile Frame

Drake Group

Customised to your
specific requirements

Drake Group

Reliable product
and part support

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Mine Site Low Loader
Mine Site Low Loader
Mine Site Low Loader
Mine Site Low Loader
Mine Site Low Loader

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