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Drake Trailers are innovators, focusing on strength and robust engineering offering long-term efficiency, safety and solid reliability. Based on quality and innovation, Drake Trailers has cemented itself as a driving force in the Australian heavy haulage trailer and low loader industry. Over the past 60 years, the brand has pioneered a range of game-changing models that have helped to ensure its continued success. Here are some of the stories behind our biggest deliveries of the year.

Handover to TJ Clark & Sons Heavy Hauling

Thank you to Sam, Byron and all the team at The Drake Group for getting this trailer exactly as we need it. Everything has been tried and tested and works perfect. I think the only thing I don’t like about it is that it’s new and shiny and trying to stop other people from scratching it, it’s doing my head in.
We love receiving pics and we love getting loaded shots! We are over the moon that you are happy with it Bryce – good luck keeping it scratch free! 😆

PD Excavations new Quad Deckie sure stands out from the crowd!

Not just because of its stellar looking paint job 🤩 but check out the long bi fold ramps, BPW self-tracking rear axles and for maximum stability & safety – hydraulic suspension 💪. We can’t wait to see this hooked up and loaded when it gets home, so don’t forget to send us some pics!
Thanks, Justin, for your business in 2022! 🥳 #thedrakegroup #draketrailers

Congratulations Hili Excavations Pty LTD on your new Drake 5×8 Swingwide! 👏

The Swingwide’s main benefit is that it gives MAXIMUM clear deck space – perfect for Hili who needs to move plant and equipment quickly and efficiently between maintenance and track construction projects. Congrats to Joe and the team at Hili and a BIG thank you for supporting The Drake Group. 🙏

Blenners Transport Got New Wheels


Still in their packaging, 3 new Kenworth Prime movers and a sparkly new Drake 3×4 Deck Widener 😍 Lots of fun to be had unwrapping this delivery 🤩 Thank you to Les and the team at Blenners Transport again for your continued business with Drake ☺️

#thedrakegroup #draketrailers #blennertransport #deckwideners #lowloaders

Southern Cross Heavy Haulage, Drake Deck Widener


You’d think there would be SOMETHING they’d change on the second Deckie they ordered. Nope, their first one was perfect, they didn’t want to change a thing.

Our focus is to deliver trailers that meet the needs of our customers, and we are delighted that for Southern Cross Heavy Haulage we did it twice.

Thanks Rob for your business and a choosing Drake again.

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