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Features include

When it comes to enhancing stability while reaping all the advantages of a Deck Widener, there’s no need to search any further than the Steering Widener. Available in versatile 3X4 and 4X4 tyre configurations, this trailer is a versatile powerhouse, designed to cater to your unique transport needs. Crafted with precision and care in Australia, using only the finest materials and workmanship, the Steering Widener is built to excel even in the most demanding tasks.

For those seeking extra flexibility, extendable options are at your disposal, allowing you to adapt effortlessly to varying cargo sizes. Count on The Drake Group for unwavering product support and a ready supply of spare parts, ensuring your investment is safeguarded. If you’re ready to elevate your transport capabilities, reach out to The Drake Group today and explore how the Steering Widener can be tailored to suit your specific requirements. It’s time to experience a new level of stability and performance on the road.


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Standard features

  • Self Tracking BPW axles
  • Stainless steel hydraulic tubing
  • Hydraulic controlled ramps
  • 6.5hp pull start hydraulic power pack
  • Two spare tyre carriers
  • Alloy water tank
  • Grit blasted and painted in 2 pack paint
  • Drop legs
  • Dunnage trays and lockable tool boxes
  • Push point at rear
  • LED lighting
  • Electronic Braking System EBS featuring roll stability and ABS
  • Sliding Skid plate

Auxiliary and optional equipment

  • Drop deck
  • Hydraulic gooseneck
  • Diesel power pack
  • Leading Brand Auto greasing system
  • Onboard Scale systems
  • Return to ride height valve
  • Pneumatic ramp chain tensioning system
  • Ramp props
  • Double hung ramps
  • Radio remote control operation including rear steer
  • Hydraulic spare tyre crane
  • Various storage solutions

Drake Group

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2.5M TO 3.5M


Steering Widener Gallery

Our Steering Widener hydraulic low loader trailers are purpose-built to suit the most demanding tasks

Steering Widener
Steering Widener
Steering Widener
Steering Widener
Steering Widener
Steering Widener
Steering Widener
Steering Widener
Steering Widener
Steering Widener
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