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O’Phee Trailers is committed to high-quality production. The company offers a one-stop shop from design to final product – all supervised by our highly qualified staff. The company is continually searching for new and better manufacturing techniques and invests heavily in tooling and technology to maintain its competitive edge. O’Phee Trailers is a manufacturer of the high-quality O’Phee brand of trailers. Every O’Phee trailer we build is backed by 40 years of building a reliable, superior product for Australian conditions.

Mortimer V Star is all class with the Flattop

Dressed to the nines in a slick black finish, their new O’Phee 45’ 3×4 Extendable trailer combined with their flash looking Kenworth is a proper ice cream dropper. Congratulations Scott on a beautiful combo! Thanks for your business!

Feast Your Eyes 👀 on Hogan’s Heavy Haulage’s New O’Phee Swinglift!


Behold the mesmerizing allure of Sideloader trailer, an embodiment of elegance and functionality that transcends the ordinary. Prepare to be enchanted as we unveil Hogan’s Heavy Haulage’s latest masterpiece – the magnificent O’Phee Swinglift! As the story unfolds, we find ourselves amidst one of Daniel Bower’s visits, a testament to his relentless pursuit of excellence. While in the midst of taking delivery of his renowned Drake, fate led him to cross paths with the O’Phee Swinglift, and in that serendipitous moment, he knew he had stumbled upon something truly extraordinary.

The reasons behind his profound admiration become immediately apparent as we delve into the depths of this marvel. At the heart of its allure lies the innovative ‘Auto Deploy’ system, a groundbreaking feature that redefines efficiency with the simplicity of a single button. With the mere touch of this button, the world of unloading and packing up is revolutionized, making every operation an effortless triumph.

In Daniel Bower, we find a connoisseur with an unparalleled eye for spotting gems amidst the vast landscape of heavy haulage. His discernment and unwavering commitment to quality continue to elevate the industry’s standards, setting a bar that others aspire to reach. With immense gratitude, we extend our thanks to Daniel and Michelle Bower and the entire Bower Hogan Group, a paragon of partnership and patronage. Your continued business is the cornerstone upon which we build a future that shines brighter with each passing day.

Congratulations Medlog on your new O’Phee Swinglift

Offering greater stability and fast container transfer speed due to the unique independent leg over design, it was a no brainer for Medlog – they had to have one! Thanks to team Medlog for choosing O’Phee Swinglift Trailer!

O’Phee Tri-axle B-Double Combo Is One of Our All-time Favourites

We’re excited to be sending out another O’Phee tri-axle B-Double combo trailer to one of our all-time favourites, Wemyss Transport! This beauty comes loaded with some fantastic features – a lightweight hi-tensile frame, Durabright wheels, Hendrickson Intraax Airbag Suspension, and it’s all wrapped up in sparkling white. Big thanks to Stephen, Judith and Aaron for choosing O’Phee – your business is greatly appreciated!

Our O’Phee Pride is Off The Charts Today!

Our O’Phee pride is off the charts today! Malley Group’s new O’Phee A Double Trailer is yet to be fully hooked up but it’s already turning heads ! It’s on its way across the county, back to HQ in Karratha, and we can’t wait to see it in action. Why do they keep choosing O’Phee? Because we’re proudly Australian made, and that means the best quality, unwavering strength, and unbeatable robustness, perfectly suited for our rugged Australian conditions. A special thanks to Ben for once again choosing O’Phee and investing in an Australian-made product! Your trust and support mean the world to us.  
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