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Side loaders

Side Loaders and The Drake Group

The Drake Group offer the container sideloader community greater choice from one single trailer manufacturer.

We have two models of Side Loader – the BoXLoader and the SwingLift. Each represents the state of the art in Side Loader design, with custom-built fitouts that are tailor-made for your needs.


The Drake Group became an exclusive distributor of Swinglift to the Australian market in 2019.

Our Swinglift Inline with its distinct Leg Over design is an ideal side loader for container transportation, lifting and moving requirements. Intended for ‘Trailer to Trailer’ and ‘Trailer to Ground’ transfers its low tare and lifting capacity of 35 tonne allows it to handle a fully loaded container with ease. With the unique O’Phee chassis you can also transport a high-cube 9ft 6” container and remain under 4.3m in overall height.

The Leg-Over style crane allows the legs to straddle the companion trailer to negate the need of trailer mounted side loader pads resulting in faster transport speed. The Extended Outreach Lift Modules constructed from high tensile steel permits greater outreach, stability, and extreme strength.

View Swinglift LegOver


Since 2011 The Drake Group have been the exclusive distributor of the BoXLoader Multiloader container sideloader providing a point-to-point transportation solution made with the operator in mind. 

The Multiloader has been designed to be multipurpose, from ground to trailer, trailer to trailer transfers and double stacking, as well as user-friendly for every operations and applications. Its high versatility makes it the best compromise for mature markets. Thanks to its proven design, the Multiloader’s payload is maximized, with a lifting capacity of 35 tons. It offers full lifting capacity at an outreach of 1.1m between the trailer and the container.

View BoXLoader Multiloader

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