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Introducing the Steerable Extendable Low Loader Trailer, your ultimate solution for efficiently and effectively transporting oversized loads. This trailer is engineered with precision and innovation to meet the most demanding transport challenges head-on. Offering a range of configurations, from 6×8 to 12×8, it ensures you have the flexibility required to handle diverse cargo sizes and shapes.

Designed and proudly manufactured in Australia, this trailer reflects the highest standards of quality, incorporating top-grade materials and workmanship to deliver unrivalled durability. It’s not just a piece of equipment; it’s a reliable partner for your heavy-duty transport needs. When you choose the Steerable Extendable Low Loader Trailer, you’re not just investing in a product – you’re investing in a commitment to excellence and unwavering product support with readily available spare parts. Elevate your transport capabilities today and discover how this exceptional trailer can be customized to perfectly match your specific requirements, ensuring you’re always prepared for oversized loads and demanding tasks.


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Standard features

  • Hydraulic widening from 3.2m or 3.5m to 4.88m
  • Extendable decks can be designed and built at various lengths to suit your requirements
  • Certified tie down points are incorporated in the trailer decks and frame
  • Welded to AS1554 by certified tradesmen
  • Built only with Australian, Japanese and Swedish high tensile steel
  • Energy Chain fitted to protect hoses and electrical services during the extension process
  • Air operated lock pins are engaged at each extension pos

Auxiliary and optional equipment

  • Low Profile Main Beam
  • Ramp Props
  • Drop-in Deck sections
  • Joint kit
  • Multiple position skid plate
  • Various axles & deck lengths
  • Radio Remote control steering
  • Radio Remote control suspension
  • Semi modular steering
  • 16hp Diesel power pack
  • Hydraulic powered air compressor
  • Hydraulic spare tyre crane
  • Various storage solutions

6×8 to 12×8
config available

Drake Group

Customised to your

Drake Group

Reliable product
support and parts

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