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O’Phee Trailers is committed to high-quality production. The company offers a one-stop shop from design to final product – all supervised by our highly qualified staff. The company is continually searching for new and better manufacturing techniques and invests heavily in tooling and technology to maintain its competitive edge. O’Phee Trailers is a manufacturer of the high-quality O’Phee brand of trailers. Every O’Phee trailer we build is backed by 40 years of building a reliable, superior product for Australian conditions.



We are very very proud like Nortrans Townsville to be an Australian family-owned company, but it always feels extra special when we do business with fellow Queenslanders! Nortrans picked up their new O’Phee 3×4 Drop Deck Skel and combined with the Cowboys winning a thriller on the weekend, we think we’re on a winning streak, its time to buy a lotto ticket.

Thanks to Kent, and the Battle family for once again supporting another Queensland business.

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From Humble Beginnings

From humble beginnings with just one truck over 20 years ago, husband and wife team Kirk and Julie Porter have grown KJP Haulage into a reputable player in the transport and logistics industry. Adding to their now very impressive fleet, Kirk took delivery of their new O’Phee 3×4 Dropdeck Skel and it looks a beaut against the perfect Queensland day 🌞
Thanks Kirk and Julie for choosing O’Phee, we love working with other Queensland family-owned businesses like us!

KT Preston Take Delivery of New A Double Combo

KT Preston have been cartage contractors since 1950. They might not be the biggest, but the best is what they strive for, 💪 and we reckon proof is in the pudding. With over 70 years in business, they’ve certainly lasted the distance now employing into their third Preston generation 👏 KT Preston has been a long-standing customer of O’Phee for over 35 years, and we were delighted to hand over their new O’Phee PBS A Double Combo – she is a beauty and we gotta say we don’t mind the colour either 😉
To the ‘whole’ Preston family, thanks for your continued support, its much appreciated!

Built like a Mallee Bull

Malley might be spelt different but the character of their new O’Phee 3×4 Drop Deck Widener is the same – fit, robust and tough 💪💪💪 Thanks again for your business Ben and the team at MalleyGroup!

Always Special Delivering to Locals

It always special delivering to our locals! SQS Haulage Pty Ltd taking delivery of their new O’Phee Flattop on a cracking Queensland day! 🌞 Thanks Garry and Peter, and the team at SQS for supporting O’Phee and Australian manufacturing. 🤩
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