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O’Phee Trailers is committed to high-quality production. The company offers a one-stop shop from design to final product – all supervised by our highly qualified staff. The company is continually searching for new and better manufacturing techniques and invests heavily in tooling and technology to maintain its competitive edge. O’Phee Trailers is a manufacturer of the high-quality O’Phee brand of trailers. Every O’Phee trailer we build is backed by 40 years of building a reliable, superior product for Australian conditions.

C Wills Transport Has Just Welcomed Another Top-notch O’Phee Triaxle 45’ Flattop to Their Impressive Fleet!

C Wills Transport has just welcomed another top-notch O’Phee Triaxle 45’ Flattop Trailer to their impressive fleet! This trailer comes equipped with a stellar set of features, including 3-way pins, Durabright wheels, Loads of Storage, Hendrickson Intraax Airbag Suspension, and, of course, that signature O’Phee quality finish. Thanks again Casey for all your business over the years! We love that you keep coming back for more! Explore more about these fantastic trailers at:  

CFT Logistics Couldn’t be Happier With Their Latest Addition to Their Fleet

CFT Logistics couldn’t be happier with their latest addition to their fleet, a brand new O’Phee BOXLOADER. Based on an O’Phee low height, high tensile frame they were rapt with its light tare and its 35-tonne lifting capacity. Another huge bonus is the dagger legs, designed for ‘Trailer to Trailer’ and ‘Trailer to Ground’ transfers. A big thanks to Mark and the team at CFT Logistics for choosing O’Phee Boxloader Trailer. Your business means alot, and we couldn’t be happier to see our equipment making a difference in your operations. Happy loading, CFT Logistics! 

Malley Group’s New O’Phee A Double is Already Turning Heads!

Our O’Phee pride is off the charts today! Malley Group ‘s new O’Phee A Double is yet to be fully hooked up but it’s already turning heads ! It’s on its way across the county, back to HQ in Karratha, and we can’t wait to see it in action. 🙏 Why do they keep choosing O’Phee Trailer? Because we’re proudly Australian made, and that means the best quality, unwavering strength, and unbeatable robustness, perfectly suited for our rugged Australian conditions. A special thanks to Ben for once again choosing O’Phee and investing in an Australian-made product! Your trust and support mean the world to us. 

Mick Bourke Transport Collecting Their New O’Phee General Access B Double


In the tapestry of life’s cherished moments, there exists a special corner reserved for occasions when the pursuit of excellence takes on the form of a family adventure. These are the memories that weave themselves into the fabric of time, leaving an indelible mark upon the hearts of the young and old alike, a treasure to be carried through generations. One such moment, radiant and heart-warming, unfolded as Mick Bourke of Mick Bourke Transport embarked on the journey to acquire his new O’Phee General Access B Double trailer. A significant event on its own, yet it was the enchanting scene that followed that truly stole the show. The venerable Mick O’Phee, an icon in his own right, graced the occasion with his presence, bestowing upon young Caleb a precious O’Phee hat, a symbol of legacy, and sharing an affectionate Mick O’Phee handshake.

It is in these sublime instances that the essence of family businesses comes to life, their spirits intertwining with the heartbeat of generations past, present, and future. A testament to enduring values and traditions, they offer a glimpse into a legacy that transcends the boundaries of time and circumstance. As we stand witness to this heartening scene, we can’t help but envision a future where the transport spirit continues to course through their veins. In the years that unfold, may we be graced with the privilege of witnessing young Caleb, now carrying the torch of tradition, introducing his own son to the world of transport, forging yet another link in the chain of familial legacy.

Mick Camilleri Of MCHaulage Is Taking Delivery Of, Not One, But TWO O’Phee 3×4 Flattops


In the realm of industry luminaries, a shining star takes centre stage, and today, we revel in the brilliance of none other than Mick Camilleri of MCHaulage! In a spectacle that leaves us in sheer admiration, Mick has once again seized the reins of progress, marking a momentous occasion by welcoming not one but two exquisite O’Phee 3×4 Flattop Trailers into his illustrious fleet. The air is alive with anticipation, and the echo of his favourite refrain, “Let’s go again, same again please Mick,” reverberates with a promise of future endeavours that leave us eager with excitement. We extend our heartfelt appreciation to Mick, a paragon of support and devotion to the O’Phee Trailers legacy. Your unwavering commitment is a testament to your character, cementing your place as one of the industry’s most distinguished and classy individuals. As we stand witness to this remarkable chapter in the annals of transportation, we eagerly await the next phone call, the next venture, and the next milestone in this incredible journey of partnership and progress. Mick, you are an inspiration, and with each stride you take, you elevate the standards of excellence in the industry.

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