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O’Phee Trailers is committed to high-quality production. The company offers a one-stop shop from design to final product – all supervised by our highly qualified staff. The company is continually searching for new and better manufacturing techniques and invests heavily in tooling and technology to maintain its competitive edge. O’Phee Trailers is a manufacturer of the high-quality O’Phee brand of trailers. Every O’Phee trailer we build is backed by 40 years of building a reliable, superior product for Australian conditions.

The saying goes – “Once is Luck, Twice is a Coincidence, Thrice is a Pattern”


The saying goes – “Once is Luck, Twice is a Coincidence, Thrice is a Pattern” MCHaulage’s O’Phee Super Semi ‘Split Group’ Traileris their third for the year. We love seeing Mick, renamed The Pattern Maker here at HQ. Watch this space because there is more to come!

It is O’Phee Trailers all the way!


Damien and Belinda of Kennedy’s Brisbane have owned nearly every brand of trailer but after acquiring their first O’Phee Flattop Trailer last year it was obvious to them, its O’Phee Trailers all the way!

In just one week they collected a new O’Phee Flattop and a new O’Phee Drop Deck. You couldn’t ask for more highly spec’d units and boy oh boy do they look good behind their Mack Superliners.

Features include:


• Road Train rated with Coupling
• Full set of gates, Bolsters, Tarp Bows & Container Pins all with onboard storage.
• Rubber flap protection in front of the landing legs and axle group to protect from the harsh conditions they work in.
• Deep Toolboxes

Drop Deck:

• Road Train rated with Coupling
• 4.1m Bi-Fold Ramps
• Electric / Hydraulic Powerpack
• Steel ‘Pull-out’ Top deck Ramps
• Container pins and Riser legs with on board storage
• Middle load rack on the Top Deck for those high loads
• 4x Toolboxes

Watch this space cause we reckon Belinda and Damien aren’t finished yet!!

We think the Flattop would be best described as a work horse


We think the Flat Top Trailer would be best described as a work horse. Hardworking, durable and dependable – an essential in any transport fleet. Congratulations to SJH Heavy Haulage on your latest workhorse and thank you for choosing O’Phee!



Check out Mark and James Bloomer of Mark Bloomer Transport Pty Ltd ’s huge smiles! They are Bloomin’ Wild about their new O’Phee Swinglift Inline Leg Over trailer! Why? Because its offers greater stability and fast container transfer speed due to the unique independent leg-over design. What does this mean for them? Faster more efficient turnaround time and more money in Mark and James’s pocket.



We are very very proud like Nortrans Townsville to be an Australian family-owned company, but it always feels extra special when we do business with fellow Queenslanders! Nortrans picked up their new O’Phee 3×4 Drop Deck Skel Trailer and combined with the Cowboys winning a thriller on the weekend, we think we’re on a winning streak, its time to buy a lotto ticket. Thanks to Kent, and the Battle family for once again supporting another Queensland business.


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