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Big market for tiny trucks and trailers

The Drake Trailers range of transport trailers have always had a loyal following with our range easily identifiable thanks to our iconic branding and quality workmanship, but we’ve been as surprised and delighted as the rest of the Australian transport industry at just how popular the Drake Collectibles range of die-cast models are – all over the world.

From little things…

Six years ago, Drake Trailers’ Bruce Hay came up with the idea to have a go producing 1/50th size die-cast models of their clients’ rigs and combinations when he identified a gap in the die-cast model market.

When Drake Trailers started displaying the die-cast models of their trailers along with their prime mover and dolly combinations in the sales office of their manufacturing facility on the outskirts of Brisbane, customers started ordering a model of their favourite trucking combinations.

What started as a marketing tool for the real-life trailers soon became big enough to become a business unit of its own. Now, Drake Collectibles is a six-figure business within the Drake Group, with three full-time employees and one part-timer.

Highly prized and highly praised

First editions of the die-cast models are highly prized, with one truck and trailer combination recently sold on eBay for $2,700.

Bruce Hay, who is now the Drake Collectibles Business Development Manager says he’s seen more than one of these first run models sell for over $2,500 online, a five-fold increase on the original sale price of $437. A limited production run for each combination also keeps demand for the models high, maintaining their exclusivity.

The best-selling truck and trailer combinations are often those that feature the livery of some of the big names in Australian transport such as McAleese and Doolans.

The latest release in the Drake Collectibles range is a re-release of the popular Kenworth C509 Prime Mover with Drake Trailers 7X8 Steerable Low Loader and 2X8 Dolly, complete with National Heavy Haulage detailing. The combination was recently reviewed by leading international die-cast website, Cranes Etc, who gave the new release an “Outstanding 3-star” rating and an overall score of 87/100.

Full speed ahead

Since the die-cast model business first started back in 2010, Drake Collectibles has sold more than 40,000 models. Last year, 6,000 units were sold via the online Drake Shop, a global network of licensed distributors located in Europe, South America, New Zealand, South Africa and Japan, and at the various international die-cast model trade shows and exhibitions.

Last year, Drake Collectibles won the Best New Construction Model award in the UK, as well as being voted into the top five die-cast models worldwide.

More limited lines of the popular truck and trailer combinations are currently in production. The next big thing for Drake Collectibles is a new Signature Series, featuring some of the Australian transport industry’s most iconic trucks.

Drake Collectibles are highly accurate 1:50 scale die-cast models of the industry-leading range of Drake Trailers. Both these brands are synonymous with highly detailed workmanship, quality materials and exceptional customer service. Whether you’re after a tiny model trailer or a life-sized heavy haulage transport solution, contact us today or visit our showroom. Call the team on 07 3271 5888.

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