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Brisbane Truck Show Jobs Hub Opens Doors for Heavy Industry Job Seekers

The Brisbane Truck Show is not just a one-of-a-kind opportunity for trucking industry players to demonstrate what they’ve been working on. This year’s Show also marked the debut of a dedicated jobs hub for those who are looking to enter the industry. 

The Show typically hosts hundreds of school students and other new entrants to the job market who wonder how they can start a career in the industry, which encompasses an incredible assortment of roles that you may not immediately associate with trucking. 

The online jobs portal has been populated with open positions from many different companies, in roles that vary wildly. Driver and manufacturing roles are of course displayed, in addition to management, accounting and other support roles that are often unseen but are also critically important.

“We are really excited to be able to connect with the broader community around the strength of the heavy vehicle industry and the rewarding careers that we know are there for people with the right attitude,” HVIA Chief Executive Todd Hacking said.

Already there are over 130 positions awaiting applications, with the portal designed to easily bridge the gap between job seekers and the industry. In addition to job listings there will be stories about how current industry members got their start in the business and provide advice for prospective new entrants.

Mr Hacking added, “We’ve invited ambassadors from various sectors of the industry to share the stories of their fascinating and diverse career paths.”

“We hope that listening to these wonderful people talk about their own experiences will inspire young people considering their first job, and others looking at a career change, to take a closer look at the opportunities on offer in the heavy vehicle industry.”

The Jobs Hub is a part of the Brisbane Truck Show website and can be viewed here.

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