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Celebrating everyday leadership on World Quality Day

The fact that our trailers are built to last without cracking at the seams regardless of how harsh the Australian environment is, in part, due to a high level of quality. Good levels of quality in our products that go above and beyond the Australian Performance Based Standards (PBS) doesn’t just make our day-to-day life at The Drake Group easier, it helps contribute to innovation, heighten safety and ensure responsibility, not just for our customers, but for the business too.

Recognising quality on World Quality Day

World Quality Day is celebrated around the world every year around the globe. Created by the Chartered Quality Institute (CQI), it takes place every second Thursday of November, with this year’s event falling on the 13th. Many individuals and organisations use the opportunity to act as quality advocates for their industry. This day is so popular among large organisations, with 1,000 organisations alone hosting activities and events for their business and stakeholders around the 2016 theme, “making operational governance count”.

What is quality?

When applied to business, quality is defined as an outcome, or as CQI coins it “a characteristic of a product or services provided to a quality, and the hallmark of an organisation which has satisfied all of its stakeholders”.

2017 theme: “Everyday leadership”

This year’s theme for World Quality Day is all about recognising everyday leadership. What does that mean? It’s your opportunity as a business owner to celebrate the achievements of your team and organisation, and acknowledge those members of your team who demonstrate leadership to sustain and improve performance every working day of the year.

How to celebrate

Many businesses who take part in World Quality Day do so through a variety of business-wide activities including seminars, presentations (both formal and informal), quizzes and competitions at their workplace.

The events are usually organised by quality professionals – those whose job it is to govern quality in a business – and are designed to spread the “importance of quality” message to those who are not in quality-assurance fields.

What are you planning to do for #WQD17  and how you are showing #EverydayLeadership17?

The Drake Way

At The Drake Group, we pride ourselves on quality. When you invest in our products, you’re always going to have the guarantee of innovation and reliability. Our fifty years’ experience in the business of designing and manufacturing custom-built trailers has seen us go to great lengths to transform what “quality” means to the trailer industry. In fact, The Drake Group brand, O’Phee Trailers, was one of the first to adopt Performance-Based Standards.

For O’Phee Trailers and Drake Trailers, quality and safety is at the heart of what we achieve. Both our products, whether Curtain Slidas or Low Boy Trailers, all adhere (and perform beyond) the Australian Design Standards and all relevant Australian and safety legislation to exceed the minimum quality standard.

Whether you’re looking for a custom-designed heavy haulage trailer from Drake Trailers or a fast, yet precise side loader from O’Phee Trailers, get in contact with the team at The Drake Group today.

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