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Celebrating the 1,000th Low Loader

2018 has been a monumental year of milestones for The Drake Group. During the start of the year we celebrated 60 years of operation and looked back over the many years of service our team have given. We found the oldest Drake trailer still in operation and held a successful Open Day for everyone to join in the 60th anniversary celebrations.

To top it all off before the year is completely done, The Drake Group is proud to announce that the 1,000th 4×4 Low Loader made by the company has just rolled off the production lot.

The AG Widener Low Loader has always been one of the most popular models manufactured by The Drake Group since it was introduced in 1969. Of course, the line has undergone a series of modern refinements and improvements in the fifty years since, but still retains the heavy duty versatility of its predecessors. The hydraulic suspension has been specially designed to handle heavy loads of up to 50 tonnes while maintaining solid stability on Australian roads, and a width of 2.5 to 4.5 metres makes it suitable for any application imaginable from agriculture, construction to mining and anything in-between.

The 1000th Low Loader, complete with the prestigious serial number 441000 and a bright white coating, was constructed for Rob Stribley Transport. The long-running haulage company, founded in 1978, operates out of Wangaratta in North East Victoria and uses trailers manufactured by The Drake Group exclusively, which is an honour in itself. We’ve commemorated our long-standing working relationship with Rob Stribley Transport previously, and are especially grateful that they were the company that got lucky number 1,000.

Of course, we couldn’t let this occasion slip by without a celebratory group photo with the entire Drake team on-hand. Thank you to the entire The Drake Group family, as well as our valued customers, for making this achievement happen. Here’s to a 2019 that will be filled with even more memorable milestones. Contact The Drake Group today to see how our range of heavy haulage trailers will work for your business.

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