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Customer in Focus: S&S Heavy Haulage


Jared Sacca and his busy team at S&S Heavy Haulage have a reputation for being a “step above the rest” and we’re proud to be a part of their winning formula for success. This is why we decided they’re this month’s Customer In Focus.

Most recently the company took delivery of a 7×8 Steerabl;e with a 2 row clip from The Drake Group.

Our Facebook page lit up with people checking out video of the trailer in motion, as it clearly demonstrates how the wheels on the trailer independently turn to make steering such a mammoth trailer convenient and much more versatile than others on the market.

S&S Heavy Haulage and sister company Sacca Heavy Repairs operate out of Mackay and often get involved in some of the biggest haulage jobs going around town. They are specialists in moving mining and earthmoving equipment Australia wide, and we’re glad that The Drake Group’s range of heavy haulage trailers can help make it happen. The company is expanding into the new year and we look forward to seeing what large-scale jobs they successfully complete next.

We would like to say “Thank you” to the entire team at S&S Heavy Haulage for the continued support and patronage over the years. If your business needs a tough and dependable heavy haulage trailer that has a proven track record, do what S&S Heavy Haulage did and contact The Drake Group today.

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