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Customer in Focus: Betts Bower

Our customer of the month for June is Betts Bower Haulage Group, a family owned business based in Singleton, in the Hunter Valley in New South Wales. Betts Bower have just ordered their latest Drake Trailer, a 3X4 Deck Widener, which will be right at home in the Betts Bower fleet, joining the firm’s previous purchases that includes Drake Trailers’ Steerables,Swingwings, Deck Wideners, Full Wideners and Dollies.

Betts Bower Haulage Group has built its business on delivering heavy haulage transport solutions to the mining and construction sectors with a focus on safety, high performance and customer satisfaction.

Drake Trailers and Betts Bower are both very proud of their 17-year history, which started when current General Manager, Daniel Bower’s grandfather purchased the company’s first Drake Trailer back in 1988. Daniel says the reason behind Betts Bower’s loyalty to the Drake Group is the consistent quality of workmanship in each product across the range.

“In our eyes there is only one brand of low loader, and that’s a Drake. The strength, innovation and overall quality are unmatched. They are the highest quality trailer we have seen.

“The conditions we work in can be harsh on a trailer; the engineering of a Drake sees them pull through for us every time. We have a range from 3X4 to 12X8, dollies to suit and modular systems. We have had some specific visions for our trailers and the team at Drake always take it on and deliver.”

Providing outstanding customer service is a value Drake Trailers and Betts Bower share.

“Drake Trailers’ sales service is personal and helpful and it doesn’t stop when you drive out the gate. Their follow up service proves not only that they care about their customers but are genuinely interested in how we use the trailers and to understand what more they can do,” Daniel said.

There is no greater compliment for our business partners than to be included in the Drake Group’s collectibles range and we’re delighted that the Top 10 Drake Collectibles for 2015 featured the Betts Bowers C509 Combination 2×8 Dolly and 5×8 Swingwing. The combination came in at No: 3 with the stunning Betts Bower Kenworth C509 ‘Big Banger’ coming in at number one: the top selling model for the year!

We look forward to continuing the strong relationship with Betts Bower Haulage Group and perhaps even some future Drake collectibles!

The Drake Group offers the largest range of heavy haulage trailers on the market, providing transport solutions to the agricultural, resources and construction industries. For more information about any of our trailers, please contact us.

Customer of the Month Betts Bower 3

Customer of the Month Betts Bower

Customer of the Month Betts Bower

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