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Deck Widener trailers are the flavour of choice

If we were running a trailer popularity contest, our Deck Widener would take the prize recently, with five of our clients – Boots Construction, Gunn Heavy Haulage, Gellies Earthmoving, Weismantel Heavy Haulage and Troy Heavy Haulage – all driving off with our classic Quad Deck Widener in the past few months alone.

Let’s take a look at why so many Australian businesses are investing in Drake Trailers, and why this Quad Deck Widener is such a popular choice.

An innovative model that stands the test of time

The original Deck Widener was first released by Drake Trailers in 1986. As technology changed, we introduced features like self-tracking axles which was advantageous for businesses needing trailers for urban use.

Our current Deck Widener still maintains the same high quality, but is now complete with many modern features giving it a firm foothold in the trailer marketplace. Its versatile capability for both country and metro heavy haulage companies in Australia is just one of the reasons the Deck Widener has sustained unwavering popularity in its 30 year existence.

Optional extras to suit your unique needs

Along with its high-tensile frame, hydraulic suspension, BPW axles, and personalised finishing process, Drake Trailers can customise any trailer to suit the needs of our clients, including;

  • Radio remote-controlled over-ride for your rear self-tracking axles – this is ideal if your business needs to manoeuvre around subdivisions or tight, inner city spots.
  • For businesses transporting medium to large sized equipment, a drop bed frame can help you reach load height clearance.
  • Flat lay ramps to better overall fuel economy

And the list goes on. With these specialised additions, any operator of your fleet can handle complex loads with ease. For a durable yet versatile heavy haulage trailer that delivers long-term return on your investment, get in contact with Drake Trailers today.

3X4 Deck Widener Gunn Heavy Haulage

3X4 Deck Widener Gunn Heavy Haulage

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