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Drake Collectibles creates special edition “Rowen Truck” for the Diecast Expo

The 2018 Diecast Expo, held in Parramatta, offered diecast model collectors and visitors an exciting opportunity to talk to fellow enthusiasts, see classic models on display and get the first chance to purchase new and limited edition pieces not available anywhere else. As one of the event’s premier sponsors, Drake Collectibles was proud to not only take part in the event but offer a brand new version of a classic.

The Rowan Truck combination was revived as a 2018 Diecast Expo exclusive, but presented with a twist. Replacing the traditional white trimmings is a stylish satin black finish. The colour change not only makes this a unique item for collector’s but has special significance for the Membrey Transport Company and its current owner Craig Membrey.

The Expo organisers are big fans of Membrey Transport and all the work Craig Membrey does for Beyond Blue, and it was their suggestion to make the satin black version of the Membrey classic diecast.

Both Bruce Hay and Craig Membrey weren’t sold on the idea of a black Rowen Truck, but quickly changed their minds after receiving a heartfelt email from a collector.

“This collector over the years has had some major battles with the “Black Dog” which has led him down the wrong path and on many occasions, has had thoughts about committing the unthinkable.” Said Bruce Hay in a statement.

In the email, the collector said they got out the Rowen Truck every time they got down to serve as a reminder of what happens when you take your life, what is left behind and the hurt that is generated.

“After reading this we had no hesitation that moving forward with this project was the right thing to do. After the art work was produced and approved by Craig, production commenced.”

“The original “Rowan Truck” has been produced and sold out several years ago. However, what the “Rowan Truck” promotes and stands for is still a very big problem in today’s society. If producing this replica can have an impact on just one person, to make them also stop and re-think their actions, then it is all worthwhile.”

While the special edition Rowen Truck was only available at the Diecast Expo, you can add Membrey Transport models as well as a wide range of trailer combinations to your collection. Browse The Drake Shop now.

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