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Drake Innovates Again With Tilt Slide

Innovation comes in many forms, and Drake Trailers have used over 50 years of engineering know-how to create a Tilt Slide trailer, debuting recently at the Brisbane Truck Show.

Tilt slide trailers, which extend out from the main tray and tilt towards the ground, allow heavy equipment to move directly onto the tray. This saves haulage machinery operators the time and expense of having to utilize a crane, and its required support crew, to lift the equipment off the ground and onto the tray.

Not having to use a crane also offers a safety benefit, as operators can simply drive heavy vehicles they are transporting directly up the tilt slide.

Custom Built Haulage Solutions

Slide and tilt functionality was demonstrated at the Brisbane Truck Show in its top-of-the-line model, built specifically for a client who needed to move heavy buses that would be unwieldy to load onto conventional trailers. Development and construction took only three months from the initial order.

The trailer’s unique abilities were demonstrated by Sam Drake, Development manager of Drake Trailers. “”The trailer is a 50-foot extendable, widening tilt slide trailer,” Drake says, “It extends out by 4.8 metres. No other trailer on the market extends that long and it’s a deck-widening trailer that can carry things that are 2.5 metres wide, and out to 3.2 metres wide.”

Further, Sam Drake offered insight into the wide range of tasks the trailer was built to handle.

“The idea behind this piece of equipment is versatility. It caters for long and extended oversize loads, standard drop deck loads, indivisible loads, recovery work, and general heavy haulage equipment.

“It’s got 7.5 degrees through to 16 degrees loading angle and BPW airbags in axle suspension.”

Working in Remote Areas

Another key feature of the tilt slide system is its use of remote control functionality. Every moving part of the trailer is under the command of the operator with a simple device. “[The driver] can do everything, engage the PTO, then run the deck-widening functions and all the winches, all from the remote”, Drake adds.

Drake Trailers offer a wide range of trailers for sale, including tilt slide trailers that can suit any job or condition. For more information call (07) 3271 5888 or contact us online.

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