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Drake Trailers and O’Phee better together

It’s been a very exciting time for us at Drake Trailers after we recently joined forces with O’Phee Trailers – one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of innovative semi trailers.

We’re known as trailer fanatics at Drake Trailers, dedicated to ongoing innovation using quality Australian materials and cutting-edge engineering to make the best trailers going.

O’Phee Trailers is a mirror image of our values and traditions, and we reckon this bringing together of two great Australian truck trailer manufacturers has created a pool of products that are second to none.

We’re proud of this new alliance, and we’d like to run you through a quick glimpse of the new trailers and hauling products we are now able to offer together.

Drake and O’Phee join forces

At Drake Trailers, for over 50 years we have been making high quality, robust heavy haulage and low loader trailers with a wide rage of Widenders, Swingwings, Telescopics, Steerables and specialist trailers.

Meanwhile, O’Phee Trailers is one of Australia’s best-established trailer manufacturers with over 40 years on the trot building tough, quality semi trailers for local conditions.

O’Phee has created a wide range of products including Curtain Slidas, perfect for flexible haulage of general goods, and Drop Decks and Flat Tops for heavy haulage jobs.

For the really big loads, O’Phee makes Convertible trailers, LPS trailers and special builds for jobs ranging from hauling a helicopter to transporting mining explosives. There are even Skeletal trailers for transporting containers and Walk It Out trailers for easy loading and access.

Take a look at O’Phee Trailers’s website and see this big new range now available to Drake Trailers customers.

Big changes at Drake Trailers

O’Phee’s huge range of trailers adds another dimension to our products at Drake Trailers, widening the service and abilities we are able to offer to our customers.

At Drake, we consider ourselves to be an engineering company building trailers that can handle the heaviest loads and go the distance, giving our customers value for money and peace of mind that they can rely on.

Bringing O’Phee Trailers into our world has allowed for new products and features, but the high standards we have achieved remain.

Drake Trailers are made to stand up to anything Australian conditions can throw at them, and O’Phee shares our commitment and passion to quality.

So do us a favour, check them out at and next time you need a trailer, remember, we’ve now joined forces!

Drake Trailers are world famous manufacturers of widening and fixed width trailers for mine site equipment transport, heavy haulage, telescopic trailers, steerable modular trailers and specialist use trailers. Give us a a call on 07 3271 5888 or get in touch.

O’Phee Trailers is committed to high quality production

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