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Drake Trailers: the masters of mining transport

Drake Trailers is one of Australia’s leading trailer manufacturers; we specialise in designing top notch mining transport, including heavy haulage as well as mine site floats. Our trailers are designed and engineered for use in almost any area and in almost any condition, no matter how harsh they might be. Our innovation continues to lead the mining equipment industry. Here, we’ll have a look at our mine site trailers both past and present.

A rich history

Back in 1960, Drake introduced a revolutionary machine, the 100-tonne Mine Site Low Loader with our “Swingwing” design. This vehicle has become a staple for site shifts in a wide variety of mining situations. Since then, the design has changed and evolved, and we now have low loaders available from 65 tonnes up to 120 tonnes. This continues to be one of our best sellers.

In 1970, we began designing and manufacturing mine site trailers. Though the most commonly used model is our 120 – 200 tonne mine site transporter, we do have trailers rated for up to 550 tonnes. Even so, we continue to work on evolving our designs, and we have other trailers in development which we expect to be able to handle even more tonnage. The smaller trailers are typically widely used as they allow for easy transport of dozers, drills, and other equipment up to 200 tonnes. We offer them in several different configurations including three rows of eight. There are also models available with four and five rows of eight.

A wide range

The higher range of trailers, for mine sites with 200 – 500 tonne requirements, are typically coupled with dump trucks on the mine site as there is a greater demand for a higher rate of king pin loading. The suspension for our heavy duty trailers is comprised of trunnion axles which are mounted to two single point beams. This allows extreme axle movement as well as full load sharing which, in turn, provides much more reliability and strength than a traditional sprung suspension system. The axles are bolted in, not welded, which allows for easy removal when maintenance is needed.

All of our trailers are backed by warranties, including parts and servicing. We can also provide maintenance for mine site floats, whether they are built by us or another manufacturer. This includes regular maintenance as well as full rebuilds should that become necessary. At Drake Trailers, we guarantee that outstanding quality and workmanship go into every single trailer we build.

Let our sophisticated quality control, enable Drake Trailers to produce consistently superior quality mine site trailers for you at a keen price.  Get in touch with our team today.

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