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Drake Trailers to transport a dozen Komatsu 830E haul trucks

It’s been an exciting year for The Drake Group, with the second half of 2017 seeing us work on some unique projects. Drake Trailers has been working alongside National Plant & Equipment in preparation for the arrival of 12 new Komatsu 830E electric drive haul trucks.

The arrival of these 240-tonne class mining trucks has caused quite a stir in the transport and mining industry. Despite their high demand, it’s rare to come across a Komatsu 830E in Australia, which Mark Ackroyd, CEO of National Plant Equipment puts down to “the difficulty to come by due to their size and cost of acquisition”.

The fleet of twelve dump trucks are expected to arrive at the Port of Brisbane in July, where an impressive arrangement of heavy haulage low loaders, including 10 Steerable Low Loaders from Drake Trailers, will be waiting to carefully transport the trucks to National Plant & Equipment’s yard based in Yatala.

In the month following delivery, an experienced team will work around the clock to assemble the dump trucks, all of which will captured by time-lapse production. It’s an insight that’s rarely recorded in the industry, yet Akroyd claims due to the interest this purchase has amassed, they wanted to give the industry an understanding of what it takes to assemble dump trucks of this size. It will be one of the biggest simultaneous equipment builds in the National Plant & Equipment history.

Unique transport solutions for modern machinery

Drake Trailers have a reputation within Australia and overseas for manufacturing high quality, reliable and long-lasting trailers. Despite forming in the 1950’s, we still strive to keep up with the new developments and demands in the trailer manufacturing industry.

As specialised modern machinery and equipment grows and size and improves in technology, safe transportation of heavy haulage requires unique transportation needs. For National Plant & Equipment, our Steerable Low Loader trailer was the perfect solution.

Steerable Trailer Features

Our semi-modular steerable platform trailer has been carefully designed to extend from 18.5 metres to 27.3 metres in a matter of minutes. It can also achieve a maximum width of 4.8 metres, ideal for transporting National Plant & Equipment’s mining haulage. Available up to 12 rows of 8 tyre configurations and can be fully customised to suit every businesses transport requirements.

Our Steerable Low Loader features a hydraulic gooseneck that can be raised and lowered simply via remote control, while automated greasing systems, heavy duty diesel or hydraulic power packs come as a standard feature.

We design and manufacture our trailers in Australia, using only the highest quality materials and workmanship to meet the most demanding tasks. Drake Trailers is renowned for their after-delivery service and spare parts, which are available Australia-wide. If your business needs special heavy haulage transport conditions, get in contact with us today to discuss your options.

Image credit Komatsu Australia
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