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Hannover Messe Wrap Up

Hannover Messe is the world’s largest industrial trade fair and conference, held in Germany every year and covering every aspect of industrial technology across any and every industry.

This year, the theme was ‘Integrated Industry’ and the five-day fair set a new attendance record with over 190,000 visitors from around the world, keen to discover how the latest ideas in digitised manufacturing processes are making an impact in real world manufacturing.

Putting the latest digital developments into real world environments

A key issue around the world has been the capital investment necessary to switch from traditional to digital manufacturing, so it was a relief for well-established businesses to see that the world’s best and brightest production experts are paying as much attention to how technology can be retro-fitted to existing manufacturing processes – as well as integrated into newly built production lines.

The back office systems also got their fair share attention at the trade fair with a large number of exhibiting companies keen to share their knowledge and experience of cloud-based data retrieval, analysis and storage – and the time and cost savings this can create for the manufacturing sector.

Energy efficient production processes

While much of the manufacturing sector’s efficiency issues are focussed on improving the manufacturing methods themselves, another topic widely discussed at Hannover Messe was how to reduce the energy consumption of existing manufacturing methods. One of the most popular presentations was on energy management, showcasing how an energy management dashboard can provide operators with real-time data regarding the energy consumption of a particular process. By seeing the amount of energy used, as they are using it, machinery operators are better able to identify realistic efficiency targets.

At Drake Trailers, we’re ready to embrace the innovations coming out of global best-practice events such as Hannover Messe. Continuous improvement of our processes and on-going operator training is a key component of the way we work, but we never lose sight of the most important part of customised trailer manufacturing – the customer.

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