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Hart to Heart: New O’Phee B Double Curtainside Combination.

ONCE a large wheat growing area the region now has a diverse range of agricultural activities supported by business enterprises like the Clifton based trucking firm of J.R. Hart & Son Transport. Managed by John Hart along with his brothers, Chris, Dennis and wife Cheryl, the firm is centered on moving freight for Ridley Agri-Products, a 100% Australian owned company producing and providing animal feed to a wide range of primary sectors.

With strategically located mills and storage facilities, Ridley uses the very best raw ingredients for their feeds which they supply to the beef, dairy, dog, horse, pig, sheep, poultry and fishing industries. John and his team, who operate a fleet of semi’s, B doubles and truck and dog combinations, have been servicing the Ridley group for a quarter of a century, a feat that has required a lot of effort and loyalty from both sides of the fence.

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