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Heavy haulage companies rely on our steerable low loader

Achieving long-term success for both Drake Trailers and our customers is essential. So when it comes to designing and manufacturing heavy haulage trailers, versatility and durability are a priority, especially when meeting the demands of heavy haulage loads.

We design our low loader trailers to go the distance, putting in place technology that is flexible to the needs of modern and emerging machinery. With this in mind, Drake Trailers are proud to promote our semi-trailer low loader, called the Steerable Low Loader. The Drake Trailers lowloaders range has become a staple in many of our customer’s extensive fleet, either complemented with our deck widener and swing wing for everyday use, and for one-of-a-kind transport solutions such as the Komatsu 830E haul trucks National Plant & Equipment are currently in the midst of hauling.

Shining a light on steerable lowloaders

Our low loader trailer is fully equipped for a variety of heavy haulage equipment, with its extended platform reaching from 18.5m to 27.3m ever-so smoothly in quick few minutes. As part of our low loader range, this model is designed to reduce wear and tear on tyres and running gear and is available in up to 12 rows of eight tyre configurations, yet remains fully customisable to suit customer haulage requirements. It can also carry up to eight additional tyres, which is essential for long-haul transportation, particularly in remote environments.

Its heavy duty high tensile frame is constructed from Australia, Swedish and Japanese steel and is capable of carrying equipment and vehicles both mining and construction require when performing tasks across the country, such as:

  • Dozers
  • Dump trucks, such as the CAT 777 and Komatsu 830E
  • Excavators
  • Drill rigs

To transport this kind of cargo safely, Drake Trailers have designed each and every trailer to deliver a stable ride, with optimal manoeuvrability to decrease the risk of damaging equipment. The ability to raise and lower the deck with precision – even if just a millimetre – is a feature we are proud to have built into this trailer.

Drake Trailers have also optimised driver safety and have incorporated the following features into their steerable low loader:

  • Manual hydraulic widening and controlled ramps
  • Radio remote controlled suspension
  • Semi modular steering
  • 9hp electric start hydraulic power pack
  • Various storage solutions

Heavy Haulage Companies who rely on our Steerable Lowloader

Our reputation for manufacturing high quality, long-lasting trailers has meant some of the largest haulage companies in Australia use Drake Trailers low loaders as their go-to solution for all their heavy equipment needs.

National Plant & Equipment, one of our long-standing and much-loved customers, recently bought ten Drake Trailers low loaders for sale to carry a dozen Komatsu 830E haul trucks from the Port of Brisbane to their equipment yard in Yatala. The arrival of these mining dump trucks caused quite the stir in the industry due to their high demand and difficulty to acquire. The project of transporting and assembly of the Komatsu dump trucks will take National Plant & Equipment around a month to complete.

Other companies, such as National Heavy Haulage and Nationwide Transport Solutions, can also count the steerable low-loader as one of their many trailers designed by Drake Trailers which maximises their fleet.

Drake Trailers is one of the leading designers and manufacturers of heavy haulage trailers in Australia.  If you’re looking for a versatile heavy haulage trailer that ensures long-term productivity, contact us today and we’ll design the perfect solution for your business needs.

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