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Heavy Haulage Trailers in Tighter Spots

Over the past year Drake Trailers, based in Brisbane, has continued to expand their already extensive range of heavy haulage trailers, allowing operators to get into areas they couldn’t previously, with even bigger loads.

This is due to the advanced combination of a heavy transport steerable trailer that has a tray that can be widened. What is so revolutionary is that the axles automatically widen at the same time as the tray, thus saving the operator time. In the past they had to manually widen the axles, something Drake’s hydraulics takes care of.

Furthermore the rear wheel steering greatly improves the manoeuvrability and stability of the tray. Khali Lake, the General Manager of Drake Trailers, said that the first client to purchase this type of heavy haulage trailer was able to carry over sized loads and get into locations there weren’t able to with a standard trailer, especially due to the rear steering.

“When the trailer hydraulically widens, the rear steering axles widen with it and doesn’t require any mechanical linkages to operate or configure,” Lake explained. “This is a quick and simple process and can be done from either the trailer or via the optional radio remote control.”

Lake added: “The trailer retains stability whilst being more manoeuvrable than a traditional 4×4 trailer.”

Other models were also added to the range, such as a new tilt slide trailer, and a drop deck trailer.

Drake Trailers has history of more than 50 years of trailer manufacturing, design and engineering. To discover exactly what trailer will fit your needs give Drake Trailers a call on (07) 3271 5888.

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