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JCS Steerable Trailer Service: Drake Service & Repairs Stories

We recently welcomed our friends at James Contract Supplies back to the Service & Repairs department here at The Drake Group for a steerable trailer service. Their big yellow beast – an 8X8 Full Modular Steerable Platform – was due for a revamp, and we were more than happy to get it looking as good as it did when it was first built.

James Contracting Supplies (JCS) are based out of Adelaide and specialises in the safe transportation of indivisible, over dimensional and excess mass loads up to 350 tonnes.

JCS’s Steerable Trailer Servicing Story

JCS’s steerable low loader came to us looking like it had done some hard yakka. When we initially posted these before photos on social media, many of our fans couldn’t help but commenting on the tyres! Don’t worry, they get a good straightening during the process.

Read on for how we transformed this trailer, or watch the video of this low loader trailer transformation below.

Stage One: Stripping it back

We start with stripping the trailer back and ready to be worked on, having removed the legs and steering component. An OEM steering and leg rebuild, along with a fresh coat of paint will have her back on the dance floor in no time.

Stage Two: Scrubbing up the axle

Stage two saw our Service & Repairs team refurbish the upper steerable leg and lower trunion stub axle, including new stainless steel pipe for the brake air lines.

Stage Three: Them’s the brakes

Take all those new parts we’ve just completed and that moves us into the third stage! Here we have the Steerable 8X8 with newly installed brake parts including drums and shoes.

Stage Four: She’s got legs

Our Service & Repairs team has given the old girl a new set of legs – 16 legs, in fact! All legs are fitted with new pins, bushes, ball bushes, seals, spacers and washers.

Stage Five: A lick of paint

It’s into the sand blasting and painting room for the 8X8 Steerable Platform trailer. With a fresh paint of coaming and bumper, she looks almost ready to paint the town yellow. This shade of paint reminds us of the famous Tonka Toy Trucks, don’t you think?

Stage Six: Drum roll please

It’s almost Show Time. As the trailer is getting ready to strut her stuff, we take a final look over every inch to make sure nothing’s been missed and the customer will be satisfied. As you can see here, the team have done an incredible job.

Stage Seven: The send off is the pay off

And away she goes! Although it’s sad to bid farewell to our refurbished trailers, we do love to watch them go kick up some dirt again.

This yellow beauty is rated to carry 25t per line on site at slow speed and good road conditions and we know it’s got plenty of hard-working years ahead.

The Drake Group stock spare parts for our trailers, even those manufactured over 40 years ago. Our Drake Trailers and O’Phee Trailers are still in-use and in great condition years down the track, but like all machinery trailers require regular servicing to perform at their best. We maintain consistency in our products and suppliers. Our trailer manufacturing components are carefully selected based on the best quality for the task; as a result, our customers reap the benefits of these decisions for years to come.

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