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National Road Safety Week – Reduce your speed, reduce the risk

Racing to reach an appointment, getting distracted, and road rage are just some of the reasons why drivers speed on our roads. Excessive speed makes it tough for drivers to respond to other drivers responsibly, and according to the Australian Government, causes a third of accidents on the road. It really does beg the question – is speeding worth it? We say no.

This year’s Yellow Ribbon National Road Safety Week, 8 – 14 of May, is all about reducing speeds to create safer driving environments. Organised by Safer Australian Roads and Highways (SARAH), the week will promote awareness campaigns, events, and the lighting of national buildings around Australia. SARAH strives to foster improved road safety awareness, deliver road safety presentations and lectures to community groups and schools, conduct road safety research, lobby Parliament representatives to focus on harm elimination policies, and support victims, families and friends affected by road devastation.

National Road Safety Week coincides with the UN Road Safety Week, who is also spreading the message of #slowdown.

What’s happening on our roads in 2017?

As reported by the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development, in March 2017 alone there were 91 road fatalities, and in the past 12 months there have been 1,240 road deaths and 30,000 injuries. There is a notable spike in deaths compared to two years ago, with the main causes being associated with more drivers on the road, distractions due to technology, and speed.

What does speed cost us?

Speed is at the crux of road injury problems. According to the Australian Government and UN Road Safety Week, it doesn’t just cost money, it costs lives. Take a look at some of the stats:

  • Road user deaths 2016-17: 610 = Drivers, 208 = passengers, 225 = motorcyclist, 21 = pedal cyclists
  • The probability of being in a major car accident nearly doubles with ever 5km/h over 60km/h you travel
  • Car accidents costs Australians on average $27 billion per year
  • Approximately 16% of fatalities and 4% of serious injuries are associated with heavy trailers and vehicles. Australian evidence suggests that 80% of heavy vehicles involved in multiple-vehicle crashes are not at fault.
  • Chance of a pedestrian surviving a car crash = 90% if the driver is travelling under 30km/hr, 50% if the driver is travelling 45km/hr, and 1% if the driver is travelling 80km/hr or over.

What can you do to encourage safer roads?

Everyday Australian’s have the power to create a safer roads culture in their own community and around Australia. Here’s what you can do today:

  • Advocate to your local representatives: Know where all the black spots and high speed areas are in your neighbourhood? Advocate for reduced speed signs in the areas you know are at risk.
  • The phone can wait: Taking a phone call while driving will increase your speed and reduce your reaction time. No matter how important you think the call is, wait until you have finished your journey, or find a space place to pull over and park
  • Install safety technology: Whether you’re buying a new car or wanting to make your vehicle safer, installing intelligent speed assistance, autonomous emergency breaking, and dash cams will make you a lot safer on the roads.

How does Drake Trailers promote a safety-first culture?

As trailer manufacturers, safety is a key pillar, not just for drivers of our trailers, but for everyone on the roads. Drake Trailers create transport trailers that are built to last, with built-in safety features and technology included in all vehicles.

Drake Trailers is a trusted figure in the Australian transport industry. We maintain a high standard consistency in our low loader, widening and custom-built products, which offer a guarantee of innovation and reliability.

The continued growth of the Drake Trailers range over the last half-decade has encouraged the company to relaunch as The Drake Group in early 2017, bringing Drake Trailers, O’Phee Trailers, Drake Collectibles, BoXLoader and Sunseeker East Coast Australia brands under the one banner.  If you need a trailer which is designed to meet the Australian environment and meet international best-practice standards, contact us today for a competitive quote.

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