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National Skills Week celebrate jobs for the future

This year’s National Skills Week (29 August – 4 September 2016) aims to challenge people to think about how much they really know about Vocational Education and Training (VET), the progression opportunities, and the rapidly changing jobs market.

New World, New Vision, Your Future

This year will mark the 6th year of holding National Skills Week and the theme for 2016 is New World, New Vision, Your Future – highlighting the value of apprenticeships and traineeships bring to the changing Australian economy.

The aim of the week, is also to communicate the emerging trends and new growth drivers connecting skills training with job outcomes.

Rapid technological change continues to impact all sectors of industry, particularly areas of such manufacturing. The increasing use of technology is one of the integral factors changing the nature of work, and therefore skill requirements of Australian Industry.

Board Chair of WorldSkills Australia and SkillsOne’s CEO, Brian Wexham emphasises the importance of events like National Skills Week that promote and celebrate VET, saying:

“National Skills Week highlights the diversity of vocational education and training and raises the profile of industry trends and the career pathways, showing how to connect passion with a career outcome,” he says.

With a manufacturing facility on the outskirts of Brisbane that employs 170 highly trained staff, Australian heavy haulage trailer manufacturer Drake Trailers, is fully aware of both the changing face of manufacturing and the integral role apprenticeships play in transferring skills and knowledge to new generations.

Drake Trailers General Manager, Khali Lake explains the Drake Trailers approach, “By focussing on long-term quality processes, we’re able to maintain our position as an industry leader. We’ve embraced technological change, such as moving to robotic welding and our apprentices are gaining valuable practical experience working with this new technology while also learning from our highly skilled senior team of designers, metal fabricators and mechanics combining new skills with proven industry expertise.”

Drake Trailers has always valued the role apprenticeships play in our organisation and in the wider economy. Our Australian-made heavy haulage transport trailers are used by a wide range of industry sectors such as transport, mining, construction and agriculture due to their custom-designed features and exceptional build quality. To add an industry-leading Drake Trailer to your fleet, contact us now.

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