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New models launched by Drake Collectibles

Drake Trailers Collectibles did not see many releases in 2015 but the few that we did release were extremely popular. Let’s take a look.

The first release early in the year was the Esco dragline bucket which is able to be used as a load for our dragline bucket trailer combinations that were released in December 2014. It featured new tooling and came in two types; the shine red new look and a weather rustic look.

The biggest hit for 2015 was the Kenworth C509 – Drake 2×8 dolly and 5×8 Swingwing model combinations, released in May 2015. The 509 model combination is rated by the experts as the best 1/50 scale heavy haulage model available today (Worldwide).  Congratulations team!

It was released as a C509 truck on its own in 9 different colours / company liveries. Company liveries included Betts Bowers Group, McAleese Transport, CQ Group and National Heavy Haulage. There were 11 different truck trailer combinations released. The two most popular where the Betts Bowers and the McAlesse model with around 2/3 of the limited release production run selling out.

Then came the July release of the Membrey Transport & Crane Hire Grove GMK5130-2 crane. It was a limited release of 200 models and has been very popular with close to 2/3 already sold out. This is the sixth model released by Drake Collectibles in the Membrey livery.

Arriving just before Christmas will be the first of our steerable platform models in the livery of Doolan Heavy Haulage. This model will be extremely popular. So be sure to get in quick.

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