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O’Phee Trailers Talk “Simply Trailers” in the Australasian Transport News

With simple ideals and steadfast design, O’Phee Trailers has cemented its position in the market and built a reputation as solid as its trailers.

There is an oft-repeated saying when it comes to describing the needs and wants of the Australian transport industry — ‘keep it simple and build it tough and make it right’.

Industry stalwart Mick O’Phee who started O’Phee Trailers with his wife Sharon, says they have always stuck by their credo of building high quality, well-engineered semi trailers.

He says it was definitely the way to go, with O’Phee Trailers now producing three to four units each week, and as much as 80 percent of what they do is for repeat customers. But do not for a minute mistake simplicity of operation for a lack of technology — there is plenty of leading-edge work going on all the time. “We can mass produce a standard build trailer, with a lot of repeats, but we still have the flexibility to customise a design for the individual needs of a client,” Mick O’Phee says.

“We can tailor the design to a specific freight task or need, and we can change it quickly, this is where we excel.”

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