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O’Phee Trailers Quad-Quad Super B-Double Skel trailer combination is making history

There’s “big”, and then there’s “really big”, but not many people have seen “Quad-Quad Super B-Double Skel big”.

To set the scene: Australia has long enjoyed a reputation as the home of some of the world’s biggest heavy haulage trailers. The Container movement operations require unique types of haulage solutions. To help solve this problem, O’Phee Trailers have recently rolled out the Quad-Quad Super B-Double Skel trailer combination for Chalmers Industries – and it is truly a sight to be seen.

Built for performance

This behemoth has a Gross Combination Mass approval for 117 tonnes, distributed across a combination of two quad trailers working in unison. It’s the first of its kind and continues the great long line of O’Phee trailers built that sport the Chalmers Industries logo.

The Quad-Quad Super B-Double trailer combination was designed by O’Phee Trailers with the future in mind. This Skel trailer combination legally has a GCM of 117 tonnes for operations on the Port of Brisbane. A larger load capacity – eight tonnes more than previous quad-tri trailer combinations that offered 109 tonnes – means that modern container demands can easily be met.

Rounding out the package is a two-pack baked paint finish, meaning that the trailer looks as good as new after a wash, no matter what arduous conditions were met on the road.

Chalmers Industries and O’Phee Trailers

Chalmers Industries have a long-standing relationship with O’Phee Trailers, going back to their early days of operating a small fleet. Now the company is carrying massive loads on the Port of Brisbane efficiently.

O’Phee Trailers and Chalmers Industries are no strangers to innovation, either. The pair have worked together since 2003 to introduce many varying container Skel trailer combinations, with the approval of Transport and Main Roads Queensland (TMR). This also includes the development of the BoXLoader Container sidelifter trailer, which Chalmers Industries were the very first to take up and are still continuing to purchase today.

A key part of why Chalmers chose O’Phee was because of the attention to detail that O’Phee has demonstrated over the years through their leaving no minor element of the design and construction to chance.

O’Phee Trailers has an extensive range of transport solutions ready to take your business to the next level. Contact The Drake Group today to find out more.

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