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Recent Deliveries April 2016

It’s been a busy month at Drake Trailers and just two of the highlights that stand out among the flurry of our recent deliveries this month include a 4X4 Deck Widener delivered to Fulton Hogan and a 3X4 Drop deck Lowboy Trailer that heads over the Nullarbor to join Higgs Haulage’s growing fleet of Drake Trailers.

Fulton Hogan

The 4X4 Deck Widener is the perfect choice for Fulton Hogan due to its flexibility across a wide range of load types such as steel drum rollers, asphalt pavers and similar construction materials and equipment. The manoeuvrability of the 4X4 Deck Widener trailer is also a big benefit when negotiating the tight angles and restricted access areas that are part and parcel of new sub divisions. We also loaded up the trailer with extras for Higgs Haulage that enhances operator safety and making working at night easier.

The 4X4 Deck Widener includes:

  • 11850mm Level Deck
  • Extra-long bi-fold ramps
  • 30,000lb winch
  • Drake hydraulic suspension & BPW rear self-tracking axles
  • Landing strip lights to underside of deck
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Fulton Hogan 1

Fulton Hogan 2

Fulton Hogan 3

Higgs Haulage

The 3X4 Drop deck lowboy is the first Drake Lowboy for Higgs Haulage, who are one of our long-time customers and we’ve enjoyed a great relationship with them for nearly 10 years. The 3X4 Drop deck Lowboy delivers Drake’s trademark strength and durability, being constructed with high tensile quench and tempered steel, exclusively sourced from Australia, Japan and Sweden.

The 3X4 Drop deck Lowboy features:

  • Standard 45ft Heavy duty
  • Bi-fold ramps
  • Widening from 2.5m to 3.5m that includes:
    • Flat Plate style coaming
    • Three way pins
  • Spring and Rocker suspension
  • Front and rear load racks and side gates

There’s a good reason why many of our customers come back, we produce the best trailers to meet your specific needs. Contact us and let us know what your business needs from the perfect trailer.

Higgs Haulage 1

Higgs Haulage 2

Higgs Haulage 3

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