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Recent Deliveries April 2017

As usual, its all systems go at the Drake Group each month and recently we have seen some great custom beauties rolling out of our yard.

New Quad Deck Widener for Moits

New Quad Deck Widener for Moits

New Quad Deck Widener for Moits

When you’re the best, go with the best. That’s exactly the thinking behind Moits decision to purchase a Drake Trailers Quad Deck Widener recently.

Both Drake Trailers and Moits are industry leaders. Moits have been in operation since 1984 and have grown to become one of New South Wales’ largest excavation and civil works organisations, boasting a huge fleet of equipment and over 200 people to make incredible things happen every day.

Moits Quad Deck Widener trailer sported a clean pearl white finish along its short frame for under 19m truck & trailer combination length, is backed with decades of engineering expertise and a proven performance record from Drake Trailers. The Deck Wideners fixed wheel track along with self-tracking 3 & 4 axles offers excellent manoeuvrability in any of the complex situations that are common in a Moits project.

O’Phee’s Special Six Pack of Drop Decks

O’Phee’s Special Six Pack of Drop Decks O’Phee’s Special Six Pack of Drop Decks

Seeing one O’Phee Trailer being delivered is an impressive sight, but our recently delivery to P&J Harris and Sons is something else entirely.

No less than six tomato-red O’Phee Drop Decks were delivered to P&J Harris and Sons at the same time recently. We imagine that the image of a half dozen trailers barrelling down the highway towards Rowena turned many heads along the way. Arriving home in preparation for the Cotton Harvest season.

Carrying the others was a great way to prove the versatility and load bearing capacity of the Drop Decks.

P&J Harris and Sons have been in operation since 1939, and we know this equipment will serve them well into the future.

As these recent deliveries show, there’s no delivery too large or small for The Drake Group. Contact us today to find out more about our extensive range of heavy haulage trailers.

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