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Recent deliveries October 2018

It’s been a while since we caught our readers up on our recent trailer deliveries from Drake Trailers and O’Phee Trailers. The work we put into making the Drake Group 60th anniversary Open Day a success kept us busy but didn’t stop the team from building some stand-out heavy haulage trailers.

4X4 Full Widener for LCL Low Loaders

LCL Heavy Haulage – also known as LCL Low Loaders – have added another Drake Trailers 4X4 Full Widener to their fleet, featuring a flash livery, painted in two-pack paint.

We’ve shared their commitment to safety for nearly two decades, with their first of twelve Drake Trailers bought in 2000. Their new Full Widener has unrivalled stability, featuring hydraulic suspension and ramps, 5.5hp p/start petrol hydraulic power pack, a variety of axle options and widening from 2.5m to 3.6m.

Recent deliveries LCL Lowloaders 18T21158 100

Recent deliveries lcl lowloaders 18T21158 109

Recent deliveries lcl lowloaders18T21158 106

Recent deliveries lcl lowloaders18T21158 111

recent deliveries lcl lowloaders18T21158 112

Recent deliveries LCLlowloaders 18T21158 101

4X4 Steering Widener for Forestry Services Logging

If you have a serious truck, you need a serious low loader to go with it and the 4×4 Steering Widener fits the bill. The new 4X4 Steering Widener and Western Star 4800 Day Cab was just one of the stand out combinations on display at our 60th anniversary open day.

The Steering Widener from Drake Trailers not only looks the part with its cool grey livery but has proven time and time again to be a trailer that performs.

Features included full radio remote which controlled; Steering, Widening, Ramps & power pack on/off, other features included hydraulic landing legs & Bi-Fold ramps.

The trailer model has all the benefits of our popular Deck Widener with improved stability, manoeuvrability and extended tyre life. Forestry Services Logging were quick to put their new trailer to work the following week, taking a load from Queensland to Victoria.

Recent deliveries Forestry services18T21125 100

Recent deliveries Forestry services18T21125 101

Recent deliveries forestry services18T21125 102

Recent deliveries forestry services18T21125 108

Recent deliveries forestry services18T21125 109

Two SKEL trailers for Bechly Transport

We were seeing double when Bechly Transport picked up not one, but two SKEL Trailers designed and built by O’Phee Trailers.

The container market is competitive, so Bechly Transport needed a skel trailer that would offer a low tare weight and high payload advantage, whilst ensuring strength and safety are a key focus. The O’Phee Skel trailer exceeds those expectations due to its high tensile steel frame which promises superior strength, performance and durability.

Recent deliveries bechly transportJD080 JD081 005

Recent deliveries bechly transport JD080 JD081 013

Recent deliveries bechly transportJD080 JD081 002

Recent deliveries bechly transportJD080 JD081 010

Recent deliveries bechly transportJD080 JD081 012


A massive thanks to our team for their hard work and our loyal customers, who keep us moving. We look forward to seeing you again soon. Interested in becoming one of our next deliveries? Contact The Drake Group today to see how we can take your business to the next level through out engineering services.



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