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Serious gear calls for the Swing Wing low loader

When Big Hills Cranes & Heavy Haulage needed to haul some serious gear, including one of the largest fleets of cranes in Central Victoria, they called on The Drake Group to build a fresh Drake Trailer 4X8 Swingwing Lowloader.

Big Hill Cranes & Heavy Haulage are a locally-owned and operated Bendigo business that offers safe, professional and experienced crane hire. They pride themselves on their invaluable service of one of the largest cranes available for hire in Central Victoria – a 220 tonne Liebherr crane – that was originally only available directly out of Melbourne and would be a timely, costly and inefficient operation for projects based in the region. The team from Big Hill Cranes & Heavy Haulage service a range of industries including mining, heavy equipment, precast and structural steel and domestic lifting.

The requirements for creating a winning trailer

Big Hill Cranes & Heavy Haulage pride themselves on their ability to provide expert advice, unique equipment and technology to their customers to get their project done safely, accurately and on time. As Big Hill Cranes & Heavy Haulage will deliver cranes and heavy haulage, including construction equipment, construction pipes and farming equipment direct to the work-site for many industries around the country, they needed a robust, durable trailer that ensured oversize freight and equipment would arrive safely to their destination. A long deck with the ability to extend will also allow them to carry longer, more awkward loads with the one trailer.

The Swingwing Low Loader Trailer features:

  • 65 to 120-tonne capacity
  • Built with Australian, Japanese and Swedish high tensile steel
  • Hydraulic controlled ramps
  • Available in 3X8, 4X8 and 5X8 tyre configurations
  • Drop Legs
  • Stainless steel hydraulic tubing
  • Two horizontal spare tyre carriers
  • Hydraulic widening from 2.5 metres to 4.26 metres OR 2.7 metres to 4.6 metres
  • Hydraulic tank with hydraulic controls
  • Built-in beaver tails for improved loading
  • Tie down points which are built into the trailer deck, frame and gooseneck

Looking for a Swingwing trailer like Big Hill Cranes & Heavy Haulage? Or want to see how we customise our trailer designs to suit your needs? Get in contact with The Drake Group today.

Swing Wing low loader

Swing Wing low loader

Swing Wing low loader

Swing Wing low loader

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