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Swingwing trailer keeps swinging

The Swingwing is one of The Drake Group’s signature line of trailers. Immediately upon its introduction in 1969, it was clear that there was nothing on the market like it, and the line has received equal parts praise and refinement since.

The swingwing set itself apart from other heavy haulage trailers on the market by using hydraulics to open outer decks like a pair of wings. This allowed for an increased carrying capacity of anywhere between 50 to 100 tonnes and revolutionised the Australian haulage industry. Like every part of The Drake Group range, the Swingwing is designed with the highest quality materials to ensure it can handle the uniquely demanding conditions of Australian roads.

The modern Swingwing has a number of noteworthy components, including stainless steel hydraulic tubing, hydraulic controlled ramps, 5.5hp pull-start hydraulic power pack and lockable tool boxes. The trailer is available in 3×8, 4×8 and 5×8 tyre configurations to handle larger loads and can be customised further for heavier or bulkier loads.

Additionally, a range of optional enhancements are available, providing extra versatility across any job and location. These include a Hydraulic spare tyre crane, double hung ramps and a Groenevald auto greasing system.

Like the entire range available through The Drake Group, the Swingwing model is backed up by our product support team and reliable spare parts maintained here in our local manufacturing facility. The trailers themselves are designed and produced here, too.

Best of the best: 3 Swingwing trailers from the past year

The Drake Group has been proudly manufacturing the Swingwing trailer for a range of satisfied customers across Australia for almost 50 years now. Here’s some of the most recent models to have found new owners:

Nodtrans Heavy Haulage

Swingwing trailer

In June 2018 the team and Nodtrans Heavy Haulage took delivery of a brand new 3×8 Swingwing, along with a 3×4 Deck Widener and, to round out the package, a 2X8 Dolly Trailer. The trio were backed up by our renowned customer support so we know they will be running smoothly for many years.

Divall’s Earthmoving & Bulk Haulage

Swingwing trailer

Earlier in the year, Divall’s Earthmoving & Bulk Haulage commissioned a brand new 4×8 Swingwing to service their growing fleet of haulage vehicles. As they specialise in the earthworks industry, it’s no surprise to see that they need to carry oversize vehicles as part of their regular roster. Of course, The Drake Group were only too happy to provide Divall with the right heavy haulage trailer for the job. With up to 120 tonnes of carrying capacity we know that they will have no problem moving anything thrown their way.

Tony Turner Heavy Haulage

Swingwing trailer

In 2017, Tony Turner Heavy Haulage continued their long-standing relationship with The Drake Group by purchasing a brand new 3X8 Swingwing. The company, which mainly concentrates on safely delivering oversized mining equipment around Australia, has been a loyal customer for 30 years and we are overjoyed to see them continue to thrive.

The Swingwing continues to evolve as new technology, materials and design concepts come to the forefront of our design and manufacturing processes. Check out the Swingwing, and the entire range of locally made heavy haulage trailers, by contacting The Drake Group today.

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