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Tai Wah Sea & Land Heavy Transportation & Swing Wing

Drake Trailers is well known for providing oversize and over mass transport solutions in Australia and the tough Australian market. But did you know we also help our neighbours in Hong Kong?

Tai Wah Sea & Land Heavy Transportation is one of the key leaders in both sea and land cargo transportation business in Hong Kong. They have been providing a wide range of local and overseas clients’ heavy haulage services for over 60 years.

So when a previous customer from Hong Kong asks us to build another trailer for them in 2016, it confirms the fact that we produce a superior product that fits the bill for export.

Tai Wah Sea & Land Heavy Transportation found standard transport equipment solutions to be unsuitable to fulfil their requirements for some of their heavy and special cargo jobs. It has always been Tai Wah Sea & Land Heavy Transportation’s objective to carry out the operation in a safe and efficient manner. Some of the many tasks they regularly undertake include

  • The transport and turning of carriages ranging from subway and railway through to light rail.
  • Transport and moving construction projects ranging from boring machines and pre-cast concrete forms to cranes and bridge sections.
  •  Transporting large-scale energy projects such as oil tanks, turbines and 255 tonne transformers.
  • Custom projects including transporting and offloading helicopter shipments and installing gantry cranes.
  • Salvage operations for shipping containers, oil derricks, ferries and barges.

Because of the complexity of their business, Tai Wah Sea & Land Heavy Transportation required a customised transport solution to accommodate the broad scope of their business tasks.

Why Drake 3X8 Swing Wing Trailer?

So that Tai Wah Sea & Land Heavy Transportation could provide their customers with a broad scope of transport services, a custom designed trailer was a necessity. Tai Wah Sea & Land Heavy Transportation decided that the Drake Trailers Swing Wing Trailer was the equipment they needed to facilitate these tasks.  The Swing Wing was specifically built to transport a 92 tonne Sennebogen 6130E Crawler Crane. The custom 3X8 Swingwing Trailer features:

  • Super low deck height
  • Vertical post hydraulic gooseneck and rated to 100 tonne of payload
  • The operating weight of the Sennebogen 6130E Crawler Crane  tips the scales 123 tonne and has a lifting capacity of 130 tonne
  • Hydraulic widening of the deck enabled carriages, construction and energy equipment to be transported and moved.
  • Rear loading ramps allowed heavy haulage equipment such as cranes to be loaded.
  • High tensile steel frame, lock pins and tie down points ensured heavy loads could be safely transported and secured.
  • Grit blasted and painted in 2 pack meant the swing wing’s exterior was durable enough to handle all types of conditions without fading, peeling or rusting rapidly.
  • The oscillating skid plate strengthens the underside of the swing wing when the hydraulic lift and ramp is lowered, so it’s strong enough for a broad scope of lifting and shifting tasks without becoming damaged.

Ongoing project development

While the Swing Wing has given Tai Wah Sea & Land Heavy Transportation the solution they needed to fulfil their wide range of project demands, there is ongoing development for additional customisations to the trailer based on more complex task requirements. Each Drake Trailer design is customised and manufactured on-site in Australia and every trailer is built to order to suit individual requirements.

The Drake Group is one of Australia’s top manufacturers of semi trailers for national and international transport requirements. The Drake Group are a group of companies that encompass Drake Trailers, O’Phee Trailers and Drake Collectibles. We are renowned for providing innovative transport equipment solutions for even the most complex projects. Contact the Drake Group for further information on the Swingwing.

Swing Wing

Swing Wing

Swing Wing

Swing Wing



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