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The Most Liked Deliveries in 2018

Have you Liked The Drake Group on Facebook? We’ve been posting all the latest news and happenings around the company as they happen on the massive social media site, and it’s a great place for avid trailer enthusiasts to share pictures, videos and stories. We thought it would be fun to look back at some of the stories we’ve posted there through 2018 and see which trailer deliveries were the most Liked.

Leading the pack with a considerable margin is this delivery to the Corbetts Group. They became proud owners of a brand new 4×4 Deck Widener, but what really drew everyone’s attention was the immaculately restored ‘86 Mack Super-Liner with a specially painted image commissioned in honour of founding grandfather Jack Corbet. The combination was a sight to behold at The Drake Group’s loading dock and on the road.

Most liked deliveries corbetts

In a confident second place is this stunning all-blue Full Widener Rear Steer made for Fletcher’s Heavy Haulage. The colour was chosen to perfectly compliment their Kenworth C501 Brute, and the pair really do look as smart as it does capable to handle any load. Over 300 people liked this story, and it’s easy to see why.

Most liked deliveries fletchers

Gradco took in several new deliveries over 2018, but the one that drew the most attention was the striking new Deck Widener from The Drake Group. With a tomato-red finish to match their head-turning 950 Legend, we know it will be another great addition to their always-immaculate fleet. Check out the photos and we know you’ll agree.

Most liked deliveries Gradco

Following Gradco closely in the number of likes, but blazing their own trail in terms of colour and style, are Betts Bower Haulage Group Pty Ltd. The company took delivery of two brand new trailers: a 5×8 Swingwing and a 2×8 Dolly. Both models came in a dazzling bright white finish and looked an absolute treat as they rolled off our production line. Everyone was all smiles in the handover photos and it’s easy to see why.

Most liked deliveries betts bower

Mactrans Heavy Haulage obviously like to get the job done right while looking all the business. That’s why they went the extra mile to make their brand new 2×8 Dolly as visually appealing as we made it versatile. With chrome wheels and a stunning blue-and-aqua pattern design paint job that perfectly matches their similarly adorned Mack truck, this Dolly is one passers-by won’t soon forget. Obviously many people on Facebook agreed, making it one of the most-liked posts on our Facebook page this year.

Most liked deliveries mactrans

Our friends at National Heavy Haulage took Facebook by storm when we posted pictures of their brand new 2×8 Dolly. Not only was it a nimble unit but the black, silver and red trim made it distinctly match the National Heavy Haulage branding. Of course, being coupled with their own Kenworth C509 made the pictures very likeable indeed.

Most liked deliveries NHH

In July team members of Patlin Transport & Heavy Haulage returned to our Wacol base of operations to pick up their brand new 3×8 Swingwide Extendable. The trailer can stretch out to a jaw-dropping 4.6 metres and has 20 metres of clear desk space for even the biggest and most awkward loads, so it’s no wonder to see that pictures of it being handed over to its new owners made the rounds. Check it out for yourself to see what all the fuss was about.

Most liked deliveries patlin

As we look forward to an even brighter 2019, we’d like to thank everyone who has visited our Facebook page, and encourage everyone who hasn’t had the opportunity yet to stop by and say hello. In the meantime, contact The Drake Group today to see how we can make your next trailer dream a reality.


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