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Toll Group Expands Its Fleet With The Drake Group

Toll Group trucks are almost synonymous with Australian highways, as their distinctive green-coloured trucks ferry urgent deliveries around the country every day. Toll Group recently took delivery of some new additions to their ever-expanding fleet courtesy of The Drake Group and were proud to show them off.

One of the unique challenges Toll Group face is that they are open to transporting anything, anywhere, at any time. This means that every now and then they’re tasked with moving something unconventional that doesn’t exactly fit into a regular box. How unconventional? How do things like bridge beams, poles or even wind turbines sound? This kind of job requires a dedicated piece of hardware, and that’s where The Drake Group’s 4×8 Jinker came into the story.

The Jinker is an engineering masterpiece, specially engineered and manufactured to handle long, self-supporting objects. Originally Jinkers were mainly used to carry logs from forestries to paper mills but their use and versatility means they can handle all sorts of long, heavy items across the state or even the country. The unit that Toll Group took delivery of features a bright yellow frame with ladders on the rear to allow operators to secure the goods before moving.

Toll Group also took prized possession of a new 2 x 8 Dolly. This highly dependable unit is perfectly suited to high duty fleet cycles and is designed and built locally to suit Australian road conditions. Its low tare and high tensile frame means that it strong enough to handle heavy jobs while conserving overall weight.

“The Drake Group is thrilled to supply more 4×8 Jinkers and 2×8 Dollies for Toll”, said Sam Drake, Drake Group Sales Manager.

“They incorporate an unrivalled tare weight, automatic self-steering axles with manual override and, interestingly, they have the ability to be loaded and towed as a Jinker to Jinker combination when being drawn by a block truck prime mover.”

“In addition to this the units are fully equipped with work health and safety features including air operated hand rails and alloy platforms.”

The Drake Group and Toll Group have enjoyed a long-standing working relationship, which makes sense when you consider both companies are in the business of helping people move when they need moved in a timely and economical manner. Contact The Drake Group today to find out how we can help your business get the job done.

The Drake Group and Toll

The Drake Group and Toll

The Drake Group and Toll

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