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Top Trailers – Mick and Sharon O’Phee Talk Trailers

In Brisbane, Rocklea is the place for anything involving road transport. Like Rocklea, the name O’Phee has enjoyed a long association with the transport industry. Today that good name continues to prosper – Mick O’Phee and his wife Sharon manufacture and sell quality semi-trailers. Mick had been in the trailer business for over 30 years, but Sharon came to it as something of a novice.

A schoolteacher by profession, Sharon soon learned that building and selling trailers bore little resemblance to her former life. “The business was getting too big for Mick to handle by himself, so seeing as I was a director anyway, we decided I might as well get involved completely,” she said. Mick gave his wife a crash course in trailers and road transport. Sharon learned rapidly, and was soon able to buy used trailers at auctions when they needed to boost their used stock. “Our core business is not second-hand though, so I had to learn a lot more about trailer construction,” she continued. “Of course Mick has been involved in it all his life, so he made a pretty good teacher.”

Sharon and Mick at factory


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