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We rely on Syngineering for safe, certified equipment

At Drake Trailers, our reputation as a leading manufacturer of heavy haulage trailers depends on sourcing the best materials, using the best manufacturing processes and the safest, certified equipment. That’s why we work with Syngineering, a full-service engineering consultancy, headquarters in Brisbane.

Syngineering provides custom engineering solutions that translate our highly specific design requirements for jigs, stands and lifting gear into the equipment we need for the safe and efficient production of our heavy equipment trailers at the Drake Group manufacturing facility on the outskirts of Brisbane.

Certified gear means safety always comes first

In a large, busy industrial environment, producing oversize and heavy equipment, a safe work environment is critical and the equipment we use in the manufacture of our Drake Trailers must meet certified Australian standards. Syngineering completely takes care of the compliance side when they produce their drawings so we know the equipment is certified.

Drake Trailers Production Supervisor Rob Beattie said the relationship with Syngineering is a cost effective one.

“Now that we have Syngineering, we don’t have to have to take our own engineers off production work, which would cause a lot of downtime. It actually costs less getting Syngineering in to handle the drawings than having our guys do the job,” Rob said.

Shared value of excellent customer service

When our customers order a Drake Trailer, they rely on us to deliver the trailer on time, which in turn requires a fast turnaround time for our suppliers and contractors too. Safe and efficient workflow across our manufacturing processes is also crucial to helping us meet those deadlines. Rob says Syngineering has always worked within a good timeframe.

“We can’t afford to be held up waiting for drawings. We’ve been using the Syngineering team for four years and have never had to chase them. They provide good, professional service and I’d certainly recommend them.”

Each Drake Trailer in our range is manufactured using quality components, materials and workmanship that meet the highest quality standards. If you’re in the market for a versatile, robust heavy haulage trailer that performs even in the toughest operating conditions, contact Drake Trailers today.

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