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What if Australian Trucks Stopped for a Week

When we saw this infographic, we knew Australian truck drivers would be able to relate and that most people might be surprised to know the impact. People who would ask if everything (not counting kangaroos, reptiles and spiders) would really stop moving across this big brown land if the Australian trucking industry ground to a halt, should read the below.

As leading Australian trailer manufacturers, we are proud to know our own Australian-made trailers support the nation’s truck drivers in their efforts to keep the country moving over this 7.6million kilometre land.

24 Hours after our trucks stopped

Fuel stations would start to run out of fuel, and supermarkets would not be able to restock staple items. We would then see hospitals starting to run out of basic supplies and Australia Post would start having issues delivering parcels.

2 – 3 days after our trucks stopped

It takes 25,000 trucks trips a week to deliver food to Sydney, so it’s easy to see what would happen. Cities would run out of food. We’d have dry service stations, piles of garbage and empty banks. Imagine the state we’d be in if it went on for a month? We need our truckies. They load up and keep Australia moving.

1 week after trucks stopped

After a long week with no trucks contributing to the Australian logistics sector, roads would become very quiet as cars had no option to refuel and more importantly, our hospitals would start to exhaust their oxygen supplies.

2 – 4 weeks after trucks stopped

A fortnight after trucks stopped, things would start to get troublesome as things like clean water started to deplete. By the time a month had passed, people would be facing some serious issues around water supply and a weakened health system.

Innovative trailer manufacturers

The team at Drake understands that every great load needs a great trailer underneath to get it to its destination reliably and safely. Truckies spend most of their working week on the road, and when you’ve got the weight of a nation relying on your truck and trailer time after time; reliability and safety are a top priority. As proud transport industry trailer manufacturers, we combine robust engineering with quality manufacturing to ensure our clients are well-equipped for their next load.

Drake Trailers was founded in 1958 and has consistently offered rock-solid reliability, long-term efficiency and first class safety for over 50 years. Drake Trailers manufacture the following range of low loader and modular trailers: Telescopic steerable, Steerable lowloader, Mine site trailer, Steering widener, Steerable modular, Deck widener, Dolly, Swingwing, Swingwide and Full widener. We also offer a custom service including Jinkers, Vessel carriers and Beams.

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Now we’re not telling you anything you don’t already know, but it won’t hurt to remind other people how important our trucking industry is for our country! Next time you take a well-earned break from driving, log into Facebook and share this with someone you know.


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