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Why heavy haulage companies rely on Drake Trailers

Achieving long-term success in the highly contested business environment that is Australia’s heavy transport sector is a challenge in itself, but it can be very rewarding if you invest in reliable equipment.

For example, oversized transport specialist and long-term client, Nationwide Transport Solutions (NTS), draws on its fleet of extendable low loaders, skeletal jinkers, drop decks, flat tops and blade trailers, many of which have been engineered and built by Drake Trailers, to service their clients in the mining, construction and wind farm sectors.

Companies like NTS rely on the strength and versatility of Drake Trailers’ quality engineered heavy haulage trailers to shift anything from earthmoving machinery to giant tanks and vessels. Cargo like this can be wider than two lanes of traffic, up to 60m in length, and weigh between 50T and 1,000T.

To shift this type of cargo safely and effectively, our trailers must not only be versatile but also deliver a stable ride and be able to be raised and lowered accurately – within a millimetre if needed. Precision manoeuvrability is also a factor, especially in tight locations when the risk of damaging cargo and equipment is increased. That’s when our steerable low loaders come into their own.

If your reputation depends on the quality of your equipment, you can’t go past the quality, reliability, durability and serviceability of a Drake trailer, not to mention the best possible resale value.

For specialist advice in widening and fixed-width trailers, mine site transport, steerable module trailers and the like, contact Drake Trailers today or browse our range.

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