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Benefits of financing your next transport trailer

Heavy transport trailer financing is a great way for transport companies to continue servicing their clients without incurring a major loss in working capital from a large trailer purchase. Loans are the traditional way to finance any kind of vehicle purchase, both truck and transport trailer, and it’s the most straightforward way to proceed most of the time.

A trailer is a large investment, unlike a passenger vehicle that depreciates quite quickly, and the range of trailers that we offer at The Drake Group can offer sound resale value and are built to last with proper maintenance.

Financing your next trailer has a lot of advantages over paying the entire cost upfront.

  • Improves cash flow: Financing allows you to free up your working capital, preserve other lines of credit and have increased clarity in budgeting. Your business can put more money aside for overhead, new opportunities, unexpected expenses and other costs.
  • Hedge against inflation:
  • Tax benefits: Includes fuel and oil, repairs and servicing, interest on finance, insurance, registration and depreciation

Is financing right for your company?

Many companies choose to go with financing for the reasons listed above but knowing if your business is suited is an important question that should be investigated before proceeding.

Consider how much cashflow pressure your business would be in by purchasing a trailer upfront, and bear in mind the possibility of unexpected expenses arising in the period after the purchase before the cost is recouped.

Big-ticket items are often financed by companies working in transport, mining and other heavy industries, and heavy haulage trailers are no exception.

The Drake Group website features an online loan calculator which can help you make the right decision.

QPF Finance – Our trailer financing specialists

The Drake Group has been working closely with the QPF Finance Group for many years. They too are a family-owned and operated business with a track record extending over 40 years now, and they’ve made a name for themselves with their integrity and reliability.

“We are happy that The Drake Group are able to work with QPF who offer professionalism, prompt service and great advice to support the running of Finance services within our business” – Sam Drake, Business Development Manager

Applying for finance is made all the easier with a handy online finance form on The Drake Group’s website. This simple form guides you three steps and from there a QPF representative will be in contact to help you further.

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