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Blair and Campbell Pty Ltd New Deck Widener with Split Deck

Blair and Campbell Deck Widener

Blair and Campbell Pty Ltd recently collected their new Drake 4×4 Deck Widener and 2×4 Dolly. This isn’t just any Deck Widener, with a division between the 2nd and 3rd axle it allows the rear deck to be retracted for better manoeuvrability. Having the split deck enables the rear section to be narrowed after the machine is loaded. This means the one-piece ramps don’t contact overhanging tree branches on the forestry trails that lead to the worksites.

The trailer, which widens to 3.5 metres, was specifically designed for operation on the tight, winding mountain roads and forestry trails that are commonly used for transporting tree harvesting machinery to and from jobs.

In addition to the split deck widening ability, it has twin BPW Transpec self-steerable axles at the rear which enable the low loader to track more closely in line with the prime mover during turns. These axles are also hydraulic command steered in reverse using remote control which helps when backing into tight confines.

The locking and steering of the axles can be controlled either by the remote or switches in the cab, and according to Campbell the BPW Transpec steerable axles are a real asset on the snaking Great Alpine Road between Bruthen and Omeo. For Blair and Campbell Pty Ltd, this means they’ll reduce tyre wear about around 30%.

The new float is towed by a Kenworth T909 with six-rod mechanical suspension which Campbell describes as a must for the tricky terrain that needs to be negotiated with the logging work.

We wish Blair and Campbell a safe travel back to Victoria and look forward to more great success for them in the future. Contact the team at The Drake Group  to find out how we can make a trailer built exactly for your transport needs.

Blair and Campbell

Blair and Campbell

Blair and Campbell

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