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Celebrating 50 years of excellence with Kelly Transport!

Hitting 50 years in business is no easy feat for any company, but Kelly Transport has done it in style with their recent half-century celebration. Not a lot of businesses can boast about making it this far while still going as strong as ever, but for Kelly Transport, it all goes to highlight their years of dedication, constant reliability, and a commitment to total satisfaction for all their customers – all of which are values that we at Drake Group share.

As we celebrate Kelly Transport’s remarkable milestone, we thought we’d also take a moment to talk about what makes our collaboration with them so special.


O’Phee Drop Deck Trailers

As part of the Drake Group family, O’Phee Trailers has become renowned for offering some of the most robust and reliable specialty trailers in Australia. With Kelly Transport celebrating 50 years in business, we were both proud and privileged to be chosen to build one of our O’Phee Trailer’s Drop Decks, which would be a fantastic addition to their impressive transport fleet.

Their new O’Phee Drop Deck Trailer features five-inch coaming rails and chrome wheels, and runs BPW 20″ axles with drum brakes and heavy-duty suspension. It also boasts a Ringfeder coupling to enable a dolly and second trailer to be connected: the perfect option for the demanding transport needs of a company the size of Kelly Transports, and offering a reliable solution for heavy or oversized loads.

But beyond the world of transportation and heavy haulage, Drop Deck trailers have made an indelible difference for a whole host of homegrown Australian industries, like construction, mining, and agriculture – all of which rely on the robust design, flexibility, and operational ease of this trailer to help handle a huge variety of loads.


Kelly Transport & Drake Group

Based in Toowoomba, Kelly Transport has established themselves as a cornerstone in the Australian transport industry. 

Founded by John Kelly, this family-owned company is now managed by his grandson Mitch, along with his wife Jessika, and his mother Christine holding everything together in the office. This shared dedication from one of the first-name families in Australian transport logistics is what has built Kelly Transport’s reliability and commitment to total customer satisfaction over their five decades of operation.

The relationship that has been established over the years between Kelly Transport and Drake Group is one that has been built on our shared values and mutual commitment to lasting quality and nationwide innovation within our respective industries. 

Both Drake Group and Kelly Transport make sure that our businesses operate on complete reliability, safety, and customer satisfaction – not just always delivering the best, but also ensuring that we consistently meet the highest of standards and exceed expectations.

With values like these, it’s hard for two such dedicated national companies to not feel a sense of camaraderie, and the fostering of a strong, valued partnership over the years. By helping expand Kelly’s fleet with two quality Drop Decks from under our O’Phee Trailers banner, we hope that we’ve done at least a small part in helping contribute to their continued excellence within the Australian transport industry.


Celebrating Kelly Transport’s milestone – and looking ahead!

As Kelly Transport marks the milestone of their fiftieth year, we again extend our congratulations to them, and hope that their next fifty years are filled with the same success and even greater expansion. And with our addition of two reliable Drop Decks from the O’Phee Trailers line, we know for sure that the Kelly Transport fleet will be as strong and reliable as ever.

If you’d like to congratulate the team at Kelly Transport yourself, be sure to drop them a line and let them know! And if it sounds like a custom-built Drop Deck trailer is right for your job, then take a look at the O’Phee range to learn more or to hire one yourself.

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