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Mega Haul Delivery for Jarratt Transport Solutions

Mega Haul Delivery for Jarratt Transport Solutions
A result of their efficiency and reliability

Jarratt Transport Solutions, a Queensland-based vehicle and point-to-point transport business, has recently invested in four Road Train Flattops and four B-Doubles from O’phee trailers!

It’s the second mega haul between JT and O’Phee – and orchestrating such a huge delivery is a great cause for celebration.

O'Phee trailers delivered to Jarratt

A milestone delivery

Mick O’Phee, Phil and Jodie Jarratt have built an excellent relationship with Jarratt Transport Solutions for over 30 years. As a result, when Phil Jarratt decided to increase his fleet of special trailers, he knew exactly who to reach for outstanding trailers that carry out the job.

Much like the bond between the two companies, these products are built to stand the test of time.

Check how exciting was the delivery day of the convoy on the video below!

Quality solutions for all transport needs

Collaboration is at the heart of The Drake Group’s approach and we love the excitement on our customer’s faces as they take delivery of those trailers!

It’s partnerships like these that have led us to become the best in the business.

Once again, we congratulate the Jarratt Transport Team on the recent expansion!

This commitment, as well as excellent customer service, is what makes Jarratt Transport Solution unique.

Jarratt truck with O'phee trailer

We cannot wait to see these big boys in action on our roads!

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