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Hi-Quality Group Locked and Loaded

For three generations, Hi-Quality Group has built its reputation on innovation, exceeding customer requirements and maintaining a future-focused business philosophy. We’ve seen the team at Hi-Quality Group many times throughout the last year, you’d think they’d be sick of us by now. That hasn’t been the case though, with Hi-Quality adding another “green machine” to their fleet. This time around it was a stellar 4X8 Swingwing low loader and 2X4 Dolly combo, which will help them continue to meet their commercial clients with the best sustainable practices in the business.

This Swingwing is one we are particularly proud of showing off. Here’s a closer look at the Hi-Quality’s new loader getting ready to be delivered.

Once you’ve seen it leave our Brisbane facility, watch it getting loaded.

A Closer Look at the Drake Swingwing

The Swingwing is one of The Drake Group’s signature line of low loader trailers. Immediately upon its introduction in 1969, it was clear that there was nothing on the market like it, and the line has received equal parts praise and refinement since.

The Swingwing set itself apart from other heavy haulage trailers on the market by using hydraulics to open outer decks like a pair of wings. This allowed for an increased carrying capacity of anywhere between 50 to 100 tonnes and revolutionised the Australian haulage industry.

Like every part of The Drake Group range, the Swingwing low loader is designed with the highest quality materials to ensure it can handle the uniquely demanding conditions of Australian roads. In this video, Byron Foss, Trailer Sales at The Drake Group, will give you a walkaround Hi-Quality Group’s Drake Swingwing.

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