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Low Loader Services Go Old School Ford With Their 4X4 Deck Widener

It’s no secret that Pat Liszyk, owner of Low Loader Services, is a mad Ford lover. If you’ve seen any of their trailers over the years, you’d notice all of his low loader trailers replicate the paint scheme of the 1972 Ford GT. Just check out their low loader from 2016 if you need a refresher!

Their brand new 4X4 Deck Widener is no different! You can’t miss them hauling on the road with its wild violet coamings, regency red gooseneck and gold pinstripe down the side. One can’t say that their Drake trailer is as fast as the GT, but she makes up for it with strength and might.


Our 4X4 Deck Widener is one of our more popular heavy haulage trailers, and for good reason. This Deck Widener for Low Loader Services has a super low tare of 12 tonne, while offering maximised stability and robust design for heavy duty conditions.

Its versatile capability for both country and metro heavy haulage companies in Australia is just one of the reasons the Deck Widener has sustained unwavering popularity in its 30 year existence.

We love Pat’s passion for Ford and his passion for Drake even more. Thanks for your business and can’t wait to see your new float on the road.

With a Drake, any operator of your fleet can handle complex loads with ease. For a durable yet versatile heavy haulage trailer that delivers long-term return on your investment, get in contact with The Drake Group today.

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