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O’Phee London Trailer | A World First!

In a remarkable world first, The Drake Group’s 32m ‘O-Phee London Trailer‘ has taken to the road, redefining the transport industry as we know it. 

Inspired by London’s famous red double-decker buses, our groundbreaking Double Stack Super B Double SKEL Trailer Combination can carry up to eight empty 20-foot containers or four 40-foot containers. 

Launched officially in July 2023 after rigorous testing, we are thrilled to accept the HVIA National Product Innovation Award and celebrate our fierce dedication to creative solutions in a rapidly evolving industry. 

Keep on reading to learn more about this industry marvel’s extraordinary journey and productivity benefits.

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O’Phee London Trailer

Smooth Operator

Fully equipped with an Australian-compliant load restraint system, the O-Phee London Trailer boosts productivity by 100% compared to standard Suber B Double combos in a single journey. 

The new O’Phee unit also reduces required trailers and vehicles by HALF, helping operators redirect funds to other business-boosting ventures. 

Top industry-changing benefits of the ‘London’ include:

  • Reduced loading/unloading time
  • Increased fuel savings
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Faster delivery times
  • Huge maintenance savings
  • Lower insurance costs 
  • Reduced labour expenses
  • Robust road and driver safety
  • Lower risk of road accidents
  • Improved sustainability, lower emissions
  • In-vehicle loading and unloading
  • Enhanced business reputation

“By optimising load carrying capacity and reducing the need for multiple trips, we are minimising our carbon footprint. This step towards sustainability aligns with our commitment to environmental preservation and positions us as an environmentally responsible company” – Mick O’Phee.

Key Vehicle Facts


Perfecting the O’Phee London Trailer: Road to Success

Designed and manufactured right here in Brisbane, QLD, the Super B-double concept became a reality after discussions between Qube and O’Phee Trailers. 

“We wanted to confirm whether we could design a stacked trailer, taking advantage of the unique operating conditions at the Port where there are no height restrictions” – Mick O’Phee.

The trial included the expertise and leadership of:

  • John Drake, owner The Drake Group
  • Les Bruzsa, Chief Engineer of National Heavy Vehicle Regulator
  • Nicola Murray from Port of Brisbane Pty Ltd
  • Mick O’Phee from O’Phee Trailers 
  • Darren Fuller from Qube

After we were given the green light, we began the top-secret design phase, where the ‘London’ code name was born to keep the project under wraps.

Put it to the Test!

The ‘London’ faced physical tilt tests and on-road trials with instrumentation fitted by NHVR to monitor speed and stability. These tests confirmed the vehicle’s safety under various conditions, validating computer models and real-world performance.

The intense regulatory and independent safety and operational tests included:

  • NHVR’s Performance Based Standards Framework and computer simulation to confirm performance under various loading conditions
  • Wind monitoring
  • Road infrastructure and traffic management assessments
  • Load restraint checks
  • Swept path analysis

Further measures were put in place to ensure the vehicle’s safety within the Port of Brisbane:

  • Infrastructure improvement works along the vehicle’s route.
  • Additional signage to notify road users about the presence of the new vehicle at facility entry and exit points.
  • Real-time wind monitoring on the vehicle.
  • Speed limits implemented, with a corner speed of 15 mph.
  • Specialised training and inductions for all drivers.

The Results

In June 2023, the vehicle’s remarkable productivity went from a mere vision to a proven fact during its first trial on public roads. 

Under strict safety conditions, it successfully transported eight empty twenty-foot equivalent (TEU) containers within Qube’s port facilities and limited public port roads. Equipped with instrumentation, it monitored vehicle speed, location, and lateral acceleration data.

After thorough safety assessments, Qube obtained a permit from NHVR and consent from PBPL to operate its new double-stacked container vehicle. These permit operations primarily within Qube’s facilities and on specific port roads, with stringent safety and operational controls in place.

“‘London’ has proven to be highly effective in increasing productivity in the freight industry. By boosting carrying capacity by 100 per cent, Qube has been able to double the volume of empty containers in a single trip. This increased efficiency allows the operator to meet customer demands but also results in notable cost reductions” – Mick O’Phee.

Where is the O’Phee London Trailer permitted?

Right now, the trailer is only allowed on specific paths in the Port of Brisbane. But O’Phee Trailers has received interest from other companies and ports in different countries that want to make the most of this game-changing trailer.


Driving towards a better future

We’re immensely proud of pushing boundaries and transforming container transport with an innovative, efficient solution designed and manufactured right here in Australia.

The dynamic lineup of The Drake Group consists of Drake Trailers, Dalzell & Bagley Engineering, O’Phee Trailers, and Drake Collectibles

We craft diverse trailers, including widening and fixed-width options for heavy haulage, mine site equipment transport, semi-trailers, steerable modular trailers, telescopic extendable trailers, and specialised custom designs. 

Experience new-world innovation and unbeatable reliability with The Drake Group today!


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