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Technology Driving Changes for Transport Industry

As one of Australia’s leading trailer manufacturers, here at The Drake Group we find it pays stay on top of what’s happening in the transport industry. The trucks and drivers that we purpose-build our trailers for, play an important role in Australian logistics and any changes to the industry are likely to have an effect on us too.

We’ve been watching developments in the transport and logistics industries and seeing many factors effecting change in the current environment. In particular, generational and population changes are starting to pose challenges, pushing innovation and new technology to meet demand. Recent impacts to the transport industry resulting from the pandemic have been minimal as essential services are still a priority.

The challenge to Australian logistics

As the baby boomer generation has begun ageing towards retirement many are leaving the workforce, while the younger generation are so far failing to make up the deficit. Combined with meeting this challenge of finding willing and skilled workers, the logistics sector is also facing rising demand and competition.

As we can all appreciate, customers are expecting even more for less than ever before, while globalisation and online growth is increasing competition for the Australian market. Now more than ever, the logistics sector is under pressure to increase efficiencies and lower costs.

New technology to help drive Australian logistics forward

Thankfully, there is new technology is starting to come into play that will help enable the industry to meet these challenges.

Currently, there is already technology at work that can be used to improve the efficiency of logistics transportation. For example, improvements and introduction of new technologies allow drivers to receive real-time advice and warnings about traffic conditions. We are all familiar with in-vehicle navigation systems and future innovations in this area will lead to more efficient routes being chosen to save time and money. Similarly, online diagnostic systems can warn drivers of any faults in their vehicle. We’re also seeing developments in more efficient traffic management that will lead to avoiding issues such as congestion.

The future of the industry

Perhaps more exciting is the future technologies that are already in the pipeline. We’re already starting to see electric and hybrid commercial vehicles and equipment that are not only more efficient but also have the benefit of a lesser environmental impact as well. While there is still much to be done before these will be rolled out full-scale, it won’t be long before this technology starts filtering into the transport and logistics sectors.

Australian Trailer Manufacturers

The Drake Group is a respected for innovation in design and manufacturing and we’re committed to keeping up with the challenges and changes that the transport industry faces. To help support the Australian industry we buy Australian, hire Australian and make Australian for the Australian environment we are proud to call home. Talk to our expert team about your requirements for a custom-build or stock trailer for a quote.

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